Wednesday, 11 April 2018

More conciliar compromises.

The recent news documented here by the excellent revamped tradidi site mentions the SSPX in Australia encouraging its laity to join the conciliar Dominican Friars Rosary Crusade in Queensland. Of course, this is in preference to the Dominicans in Avrille, whose Rosary Confraternity SSPX laity were until recently, encouraged to support.
Oh please Holy Father let us in, we've changed!

It has also been revealed that the SSPX in France will no longer marry laity who refuse to adhere to the ‘new marriage guidelines’ ie being married by a Diocesan presider whilst the SSPX Priest stands (as Fr Roy says) “like a flower pot in the corner”. How many more instances will it take before more laity and Priests say “enough is enough!” and join those resisting the compromising neo-SSPX?

We now hear that the SSPX Legion of Mary in Canada have appealed to its conciliar counter-parts for permission to join its ranks under their conciliar control. Can anyone really claim that this is entryism? That this is an attempt to convert their misguided masters? Of course this is nonsense and instead is yet another attempt to be seen as relevant by the modernist authorities and of the SSPX having shed their polemical past.

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