Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Have things got so much better since then?

The article by Fr Paul Robinson on "the real Archbishop Lefebvre" makes a mockery of the position held by the SSPX up until 2012 regarding the importance of a doctrinal solution before a practical one. No more than those married by the SSPX prior to the recent marriage agreement, laity must be wondering why on earth they made the stand they did over the years at the cost of friends, family etc.

This flip-flopping is reminiscent of the Abbé Georges de Nantes, a brilliant mind, but whom Archbishop Lefebvre once called "the weather cock," (constantly changing with the wind.) The article below is a clever "interview" with Bishop Fellay made up of quotes from between 2001-2007 answering questions on a deal with Rome. Can anyone honestly say that he would say the same in 2018? Have things got so much better?

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