Friday, 4 May 2018

Never miss an opportunity

The recent article here on the Diocese of Buffalo refusing an SSPX attendee to be a Godparent is of course a scandal to publicise widely. However the paragraphs below, from the SSPX website, are of particular interest..

An Injustice Committed

"The Diocese of Buffalo clearly considers the Society of St. Pius X a non-Catholic denomination. Further, simple attendance at Mass at an SSPX chapel is interpreted as a formal act of defection from the Catholic Church. This, in spite of even current canonical legislation!
The recent debate over SSPX marriages is enlightening here. In the case of marriage, every Catholic is bound to submit to Church authority since jurisdiction is required for a valid marriage. Thus, a Catholic must be married by the priest that has proper authority or a priest that received delegation. If a Catholic does not follow the “ordinary form” of the marriage, his marriage is invalid. The only exceptions Canon Law foresees are situations where a Catholic cannot access a priest. Such situations can be situations in the diaspora, or, as the SSPX rightfully claims, situations where a Catholic fears that the full, integral, and uncompromised understanding of the Church's marriage doctrine might be put in danger during marriage preparation and the celebration of marriage itself. Non-Catholics, not being under the authority of the Church, are not bound to follow the canonical form instituted by the Church. As such, their marriages may still be considered valid.
Over the past decades,  marriages witnessed by priests of the Society of St. Pius X were “annulled” through defect of form exactly because  Catholics who participated in the parish life of the Society were considered Catholic, but in an irregular canonical situation. (As a side note, for those who are scandalized at recent instances when a diocesan priest or religious received the vows of SSPX faithful, they are apparently ignorant of the fact that this has been a practice of the SSPX since the beginning. The recent legislation only formalizes what has been done on an ad hoc basis in the past. Unlike some have claimed, there is nothing new here.)
The Diocese of Buffalo apparently wants it both ways: the Society is a non-Catholic denomination when it comes to baptism, but Catholic when it comes to marriage. The irony is that, in this case, it is the SSPX that insists on following the Church's law to the letter—and for this faithful Catholics are the ones who suffer!.."

 The underlining is our own.

As someone who has attended the SSPX for well over twenty five years,in various countries, this is news to me. Of course people attending the SSPX have been married by Diocesan clergy, (through their own choice) but having the SSPX Priest in flowerpot mode standing nearby waiting for permission from the presider of the assembly to take part himself is a different story altogether. Whilst it may have happened I do not doubt, but to state that it happens on an 'ad-hoc basis' and there is "nothing new here" is methinks, yet another opportunity to re-write SSPX history. No opportunity is missed to convince 'newbies' that those raising objections are mistaken or 'schismatic' and that the recent permission from Rome concerning marriage is nothing to be concerned about.

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