Monday, 23 April 2018

More revisionist history from the SSPX

In this quite shocking article from Fr Simoulin we see more of the revisionist history making seen lately from Fr Robinson. One sympathises with laity who have supported the SSPX for longer than ten years, to have to witness arguments put forward by a Society Priest which resemble ones we have had to tolerate from Ecclesia Dei clerics for so long! 

"The real question, in fact, is whether we have reasons to be afraid of the ostrich, fear of the future, fear of not holding and falling apart, fear of being betrayed or led to misfortune or betrayal, fear of being accomplices of the ostriches ... all absurd and without any foundation! And that's why some are restless!"

Why on earth did we attend the SSPX over others all these years if it were not for the fact that we doubted that we would receive the Faith in its entirety from Ecclesia Dei? The Society is signing its own death warrant with such articles, as how can it continue to warn people away from other "approved" orders if they do not believe that there is a substantial threat to ones faith by attending? Is such an attitude (in attending) not the "fear" that Fr Simoulin disdains so much? And what of those married by the SSPX? The more articles written the more scruples are encouraged not allayed. We are now in the quite incredible situation where Ecclesia Dei could be a better option than the SSPX regarding weddings! 

Read and weep (and excuse google translate)

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