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Subtle, but not subtle enough.

 And here we were thinking that the SSPX was against revisionism..?

When we first heard this we refrained from bringing it to our readers attention as we could not find the actual link where the original SSPX comment appeared, but sadly here it is.
How the official website FSSPX makes us swallow the council smoothly

A very serious article has just been published on the official website of the SSPX. Father Pivert rose to the front to remind us of the eminently subversive aspect of the Second Vatican Council and at the same time defend the honor of Archbishop Lefebvre, still dirtied by the General House of the SSPX.

by Father Pivert

  Pope Francis has just dedicated the Monday of Pentecost to Mary Mother of the Church. The Fraternity of Saint Pius X immediately reported the information and subtly used it to report that Archbishop Lefebvre had rejoiced at the proclamation of Mary as Mother of the Church by the Council. Like what would be good things to accept in this council ...!
But the Fraternity of Saint Pius X is careful not to mention that Archbishop Lefebvre wrote this in 1965, that is to say, before the mischief of the Council was finally revealed by Paul VI's trip to the United Nations, the proclamation of religious freedom, the schema on the Church in the modern world, the declaration recognizing a value of salvation to non-Christian religions and Judaism, the rallying of Cardinal Ottaviani and the dismantling of the Holy Office, the closing of the Council with the proclamation of the cult of man.

Archbishop Lefebvre hoped that these horrors would not happen, as he still hoped in 1987 that the modernists would not try to kill Tradition by refusing him bishops.
All the conferences of Archbishop Lefebvre after the Council will denounce these errors.

The Fraternity of Saint Pius X enthusiastically quotes the affirmations of Archbishop Lefebvre according to which the honor given to the Blessed Virgin is necessarily opposed to any proclamation of ecumenism or religious freedom.

Archbishop Lefebvre still hoped that the conciliar Fathers who had just proclaimed Mary Mother of the Church could not contradict each other by proclaiming ecumenism and religious freedom. But he had to disillusion at the fourth session which proved the duplicity of the Council. This duplicity is its own mark, as it is the mark of all revolutionaries. The Council was not a classic betrayal, it was a subversion. Subversion of words, to allow that of ideas, of the Church, of the whole faith.

All the conferences of Archbishop Lefebvre after the council will denounce this subversion. The Fraternity of Saint Pius X is not honest in not reporting words like these:
"We did not succeed in purifying the Council of the modernist spirit that had penetrated it, because it was those who had this modernist spirit who were the editors of what was presented to us. But when a whole set of documents is written with a false mind, with a modernist spirit, it is practically impossible to expurgate it completely. It should be completely recomposed to give it a Catholic spirit. (Conference, Ecône, Dec. 14, 1978)

Or these writings: "It is therefore a strict duty for any priest wishing to remain a Catholic to separate from this conciliar Church, as long as it does not find the tradition of the Magisterium of the Church and the Catholic faith. "( Spiritual Journey , The Divine Life, 29)" The [Council] is the greatest disaster of this century and of all past ages since the founding of the Church. ( They discouraged Him , Introduction)

If they had a little filial piety, the superiors of the Society of Saint Pius X could point out the miracle operated by Mary Mother of the Church, that of having aroused Archbishop Lefebvre to save the faith perverted by the Council.

My conclusion is that this seemingly trivial article of the Saint Pius X Fraternity is the sure sign that the Society of Saint Pius X wants to not only rally but accept the Council. Oh, yes, she will accept it by pouting, making reservations like Bishop Schneider, but she will accept it. His superiors have already accepted it.

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