Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Recent news on the SSPX

When I first heard of the uproar over the SSPX  technology-detox challenge, I admit I thought that it might be an over reaction. Who could deny that there is an enormous problem within tradition concerning social media? I was recently told of an SSPX Priest returning to a former parish that he had left six years previously, and was horrified to see the youngsters he had helped form, being glued to social media immediately on leaving Mass. Even those who have been blessed to have not attended public schools or whose parents railed against television appear no different than the average student on this issue. Youth that are still no more than children have social media accounts and publish foolish statements and often questionable pictures for all the world to see and record, and for the  marketing companies to manipulate. Where has common sense gone or are the priests too concerned about the children being 'different'?

However, once I had actually watched the video, I saw that either the SSPX have completely lost the plot altogether or else this is yet another project handed over to the branding company exposed by Fr Girouard. God is not mentioned and it truly is no different from any mainstream Novus Ordo facebook post. Watch it and weep here technology detox all those who remember what the SSPX used to stand for.

There has also been a concerns by many SSPX laity over a marriage in Canada by a Novus Ordo priest which was followed by a Mass by Fr Vachon.  The Remnant newspaper covered it and its online moderator seemed as perplexed as many by the Fraternities actions. One contributor added the following from Bishop Tissier from the Chartres pilgrimage in 2013 - 

"I spoke this morning to the children about Saint Hermenegild. He was a young martyr, seventeen years old, who lived in the sixth century. He was Catholic, but his father was a heretic, an Arian. He was supposed to inherit the throne of Spain, but his father, furious that his son was a Catholic, forbade him the throne and sentenced him to prison. Hermenegild – whom we celebrate on April 13th (a month ago) was in prison for several months as Easter approached. He wanted to receive Communion, Holy Communion for Easter. His father was thinking the same thing and sent him a bishop carrying Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament! What a joy for Hermenegild to be able to make his Easter communion! Except that when the bishop entered the prison cell, he presented himself thus: “I am the Bishop of Huesca, I am an Arian and I bring you Holy Communion!” “I am Arian,” that is to say “I am a heretic, I'm not Catholic.”
from http://www.ecclesiamilitans.com/

It was a bishop who was not Catholic, dear faithful, who brought Holy Communion to Hermenegild. What did Hermenegild do? What would you have done in his place? Would you still have accepted to receive Holy Communion? In order to receive Jesus in the Eucharist, is it not worth making some compromises, receiving even from unworthy hands the Lord Jesus? This bishop celebrated Mass validly though he did not believe that Jesus is God, because that was the Arian religion. He did not even believe that Jesus was God! But we do think he could validly celebrate Mass and he was bringing Jesus in the Eucharist!
Well, in the twinkling of an eye, inspired by one of the gifts of the Holy Ghost – whom we are celebrating today; the gift of Counsel, he said: “No. I will not receive communion from your sacrilegious hands! As for me, I am in chains but I am free to work my salvation. You, my lord, are free but you are a slave of the devil because you have a false faith, you're not Catholic! And I will not receive Holy Communion from sacrilegious hands!”

What an example for us, my dear faithful! All the beautiful gifts coming from Rome, we are not prepared to accept them without examination, without considering the circumstances in which this gift would be made. We demand to be able to maintain our public and entire profession of the Catholic Faith. We cannot receive poisoned gifts that would condemn us to compromise with Modernism. This is the example of Saint Hermenegild, inspired by the Holy Ghost.

Poor Bishop Tissier, does he truly believe that the picture above represents what he has valiantly fought for during his lifetime? A true Priest waiting in the wings for permission from the presider of the assembly to offer the Mass?

Many married by the SSPX are now wondering about the validity of their own marriages and questioning whether their children should avail of Ecclesia Dei priests rather than this compromise that the SSPX is offering. 

See here for more information Canada Marriage

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