Friday, 16 March 2018

Fr Denis Fahey

Fr Denis Fahey, perhaps one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century is unfortunately admired more outside his own nation than within it. For years those who wished to read his works had to make do with photostatted versions of his classic books. Also, sadly there has been a concerted effort (since Bishop Williamson's 'Swedish interview') by the SSPX to remove Fahey's works from their book repositories as he points out the real cause of world unrest.

Thankfully Loreto Publications have started to reprint them newly typeset.
They have just announced the reprinting of Fahey's magnum opus 'The Mystical Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ And The Reorganisation Of Society'. If you are only going to buy one Fahey book, make it this one.

“I repeatedly promised Saint Peter that if I ever got the chance, I would teach the truth about his Master in the way he and his successors, the Roman Pontiffs, wanted it done. That is what I have striven to do and am doing.”  
—Rev. Denis Fahey

Originally published in 1945, just eight years before his death, this is Fr. Fahey’s magnum opus. All of his written work is centered around the Kingship of Christ and His right to rule over all human societies and governments. Just as we daily pray that God’s will be done ON EARTH as it is in heaven, it follows that all human works, especially the government of all of our human societies (the family, the state, the Church in her human aspects) must conform to God’s will and not He to ours.

This book details the Rights of God in human governments. He has the RIGHT to be obeyed, even by the state. It proposes the RE-organization of society according to God’s will for us on earth and within the context of the Mystical Body of Christ. Human governments will only be as good as they can be in this fallen world insofar as they conform to God’s Divine Plan for Order in establishing and running society. Here is that plan as laid out by God and His Church and explained by Fr. Fahey. Only when man puts God’s Rights first, will there be any hope of human rights being respected or upheld.

Here are the details, including the excellent new introduction.

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