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The Marriage arguments continue..

I have been a Remnant newspaper reader for around twenty years now. I remember well how the tone of the paper began to change after the scandal of the Fraternity of Saint Peter and Protocol 1411/99. A paper which only gently sympathised with the SSPX began to display an ardent support, in-spite of its ecumenism towards Ecclesia Dei groups. However, who would ever have imagined a time would come when the Remnant, without changing its stance, would find itself more hard-line than the SSPX itself?

The Canadian marriage episode has now heightened since the groom was allowed to put forth his personal view on the official SSPX Canada website. I like to avoid personal attacks, and therefore point people to his own words and let readers themselves judge if these are the words of someone who should be defending the position of the SSPX.

The comments on the Remnant website are extremely interesting as it shows that some people still attending the SSPX are aware of the changes and are not happy. However the longer things carry on the more 'new-style SSPX attendees' (for want of a better word!) will gain positions of authority and influence within the laity.

See here for just a snippet of the debate - note particularly the words of the Remnant moderator-


Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Recent news on the SSPX

When I first heard of the uproar over the SSPX  technology-detox challenge, I admit I thought that it might be an over reaction. Who could deny that there is an enormous problem within tradition concerning social media? I was recently told of an SSPX Priest returning to a former parish that he had left six years previously, and was horrified to see the youngsters he had helped form, being glued to social media immediately on leaving Mass. Even those who have been blessed to have not attended public schools or whose parents railed against television appear no different than the average student on this issue. Youth that are still no more than children have social media accounts and publish foolish statements and often questionable pictures for all the world to see and record, and for the  marketing companies to manipulate. Where has common sense gone or are the priests too concerned about the children being 'different'?

However, once I had actually watched the video, I saw that either the SSPX have completely lost the plot altogether or else this is yet another project handed over to the branding company exposed by Fr Girouard. God is not mentioned and it truly is no different from any mainstream Novus Ordo facebook post. Watch it and weep here technology detox all those who remember what the SSPX used to stand for.

There has also been a concerns by many SSPX laity over a marriage in Canada by a Novus Ordo priest which was followed by a Mass by Fr Vachon.  The Remnant newspaper covered it and its online moderator seemed as perplexed as many by the Fraternities actions. One contributor added the following from Bishop Tissier from the Chartres pilgrimage in 2013 - 

"I spoke this morning to the children about Saint Hermenegild. He was a young martyr, seventeen years old, who lived in the sixth century. He was Catholic, but his father was a heretic, an Arian. He was supposed to inherit the throne of Spain, but his father, furious that his son was a Catholic, forbade him the throne and sentenced him to prison. Hermenegild – whom we celebrate on April 13th (a month ago) was in prison for several months as Easter approached. He wanted to receive Communion, Holy Communion for Easter. His father was thinking the same thing and sent him a bishop carrying Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament! What a joy for Hermenegild to be able to make his Easter communion! Except that when the bishop entered the prison cell, he presented himself thus: “I am the Bishop of Huesca, I am an Arian and I bring you Holy Communion!” “I am Arian,” that is to say “I am a heretic, I'm not Catholic.”

It was a bishop who was not Catholic, dear faithful, who brought Holy Communion to Hermenegild. What did Hermenegild do? What would you have done in his place? Would you still have accepted to receive Holy Communion? In order to receive Jesus in the Eucharist, is it not worth making some compromises, receiving even from unworthy hands the Lord Jesus? This bishop celebrated Mass validly though he did not believe that Jesus is God, because that was the Arian religion. He did not even believe that Jesus was God! But we do think he could validly celebrate Mass and he was bringing Jesus in the Eucharist!
Well, in the twinkling of an eye, inspired by one of the gifts of the Holy Ghost – whom we are celebrating today; the gift of Counsel, he said: “No. I will not receive communion from your sacrilegious hands! As for me, I am in chains but I am free to work my salvation. You, my lord, are free but you are a slave of the devil because you have a false faith, you're not Catholic! And I will not receive Holy Communion from sacrilegious hands!”

What an example for us, my dear faithful! All the beautiful gifts coming from Rome, we are not prepared to accept them without examination, without considering the circumstances in which this gift would be made. We demand to be able to maintain our public and entire profession of the Catholic Faith. We cannot receive poisoned gifts that would condemn us to compromise with Modernism. This is the example of Saint Hermenegild, inspired by the Holy Ghost.

Poor Bishop Tissier, does he truly believe that the picture above represents what he has valiantly fought for during his lifetime? A true Priest waiting in the wings for permission from the presider of the assembly to offer the Mass?

Many married by the SSPX are now wondering about the validity of their own marriages and questioning whether their children should avail of Ecclesia Dei priests rather than this compromise that the SSPX is offering. 

See here for more information Canada Marriage

Saturday, 24 March 2018


Superb conference by Bishop Williamson from March 2018. Excellent camera work, a real top quality recording. Note the link to schemas underneath the video.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Bishop Williamson - Passion Sunday 2018

See here

                                            Also here is an excellent new talk on Church/State relations

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Subtle, but not subtle enough.

 And here we were thinking that the SSPX was against revisionism..?

When we first heard this we refrained from bringing it to our readers attention as we could not find the actual link where the original SSPX comment appeared, but sadly here it is.
How the official website FSSPX makes us swallow the council smoothly

A very serious article has just been published on the official website of the SSPX. Father Pivert rose to the front to remind us of the eminently subversive aspect of the Second Vatican Council and at the same time defend the honor of Archbishop Lefebvre, still dirtied by the General House of the SSPX.

by Father Pivert

  Pope Francis has just dedicated the Monday of Pentecost to Mary Mother of the Church. The Fraternity of Saint Pius X immediately reported the information and subtly used it to report that Archbishop Lefebvre had rejoiced at the proclamation of Mary as Mother of the Church by the Council. Like what would be good things to accept in this council ...!
But the Fraternity of Saint Pius X is careful not to mention that Archbishop Lefebvre wrote this in 1965, that is to say, before the mischief of the Council was finally revealed by Paul VI's trip to the United Nations, the proclamation of religious freedom, the schema on the Church in the modern world, the declaration recognizing a value of salvation to non-Christian religions and Judaism, the rallying of Cardinal Ottaviani and the dismantling of the Holy Office, the closing of the Council with the proclamation of the cult of man.

Archbishop Lefebvre hoped that these horrors would not happen, as he still hoped in 1987 that the modernists would not try to kill Tradition by refusing him bishops.
All the conferences of Archbishop Lefebvre after the Council will denounce these errors.

The Fraternity of Saint Pius X enthusiastically quotes the affirmations of Archbishop Lefebvre according to which the honor given to the Blessed Virgin is necessarily opposed to any proclamation of ecumenism or religious freedom.

Archbishop Lefebvre still hoped that the conciliar Fathers who had just proclaimed Mary Mother of the Church could not contradict each other by proclaiming ecumenism and religious freedom. But he had to disillusion at the fourth session which proved the duplicity of the Council. This duplicity is its own mark, as it is the mark of all revolutionaries. The Council was not a classic betrayal, it was a subversion. Subversion of words, to allow that of ideas, of the Church, of the whole faith.

All the conferences of Archbishop Lefebvre after the council will denounce this subversion. The Fraternity of Saint Pius X is not honest in not reporting words like these:
"We did not succeed in purifying the Council of the modernist spirit that had penetrated it, because it was those who had this modernist spirit who were the editors of what was presented to us. But when a whole set of documents is written with a false mind, with a modernist spirit, it is practically impossible to expurgate it completely. It should be completely recomposed to give it a Catholic spirit. (Conference, Ecône, Dec. 14, 1978)

Or these writings: "It is therefore a strict duty for any priest wishing to remain a Catholic to separate from this conciliar Church, as long as it does not find the tradition of the Magisterium of the Church and the Catholic faith. "( Spiritual Journey , The Divine Life, 29)" The [Council] is the greatest disaster of this century and of all past ages since the founding of the Church. ( They discouraged Him , Introduction)

If they had a little filial piety, the superiors of the Society of Saint Pius X could point out the miracle operated by Mary Mother of the Church, that of having aroused Archbishop Lefebvre to save the faith perverted by the Council.

My conclusion is that this seemingly trivial article of the Saint Pius X Fraternity is the sure sign that the Society of Saint Pius X wants to not only rally but accept the Council. Oh, yes, she will accept it by pouting, making reservations like Bishop Schneider, but she will accept it. His superiors have already accepted it.

(with thanks to

Friday, 16 March 2018

Fr Denis Fahey

Fr Denis Fahey, perhaps one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century is unfortunately admired more outside his own nation than within it. For years those who wished to read his works had to make do with photostatted versions of his classic books. Also, sadly there has been a concerted effort (since Bishop Williamson's 'Swedish interview') by the SSPX to remove Fahey's works from their book repositories as he points out the real cause of world unrest.

Thankfully Loreto Publications have started to reprint them newly typeset.
They have just announced the reprinting of Fahey's magnum opus 'The Mystical Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ And The Reorganisation Of Society'. If you are only going to buy one Fahey book, make it this one.

“I repeatedly promised Saint Peter that if I ever got the chance, I would teach the truth about his Master in the way he and his successors, the Roman Pontiffs, wanted it done. That is what I have striven to do and am doing.”  
—Rev. Denis Fahey

Originally published in 1945, just eight years before his death, this is Fr. Fahey’s magnum opus. All of his written work is centered around the Kingship of Christ and His right to rule over all human societies and governments. Just as we daily pray that God’s will be done ON EARTH as it is in heaven, it follows that all human works, especially the government of all of our human societies (the family, the state, the Church in her human aspects) must conform to God’s will and not He to ours.

This book details the Rights of God in human governments. He has the RIGHT to be obeyed, even by the state. It proposes the RE-organization of society according to God’s will for us on earth and within the context of the Mystical Body of Christ. Human governments will only be as good as they can be in this fallen world insofar as they conform to God’s Divine Plan for Order in establishing and running society. Here is that plan as laid out by God and His Church and explained by Fr. Fahey. Only when man puts God’s Rights first, will there be any hope of human rights being respected or upheld.

Here are the details, including the excellent new introduction.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Summary of Bishop Zendejas' lecture in Avrillé February 2018

On the occasion of his visit to France to confer minor orders, Bishop Gerardo Zendejas gave the following day a lecture on his apostolate in the United States and on the difficulties and obstacles facing the apostolate and the Catholic life in France. this country. These difficulties are specific to the modern world and are therefore widespread everywhere, but particularly present in this country.

His Excellency has especially emphasized the extreme harm of modern music and the virtual life in which children are immersed from a very young age.

Music, recalled Mgr, is composed of melody, harmony and rhythm, and these three elements must come in this precise order. If rhythm, as is the case in most new music, takes the main place, then it is the sensitive faculties of the soul, the passions that are hypertrophied.

As for movies, video games, and all the virtual paraphernalia of which the modern world is so rich, they do not get the young people to be confronted with the reality of life, which is often hard. These young people, as soon as they have a problem, will try to escape into the unreal.

This hypertrophy of the passions and the senses, allied to this disconnection of the real, considerably hinders the intellectual clairvoyance and especially the firmness of the will in the Good. It becomes impossible to engage forever, and at the slightest difficulty, we try to escape into a virtual world.

The disastrous consequence of this situation is the virtual disappearance of priestly and religious vocations: to commit forever to a life that will not always be as pleasant as the virtual "American Way of Life" is a prospect that puts off most young people while the saints insisted on the great number of vocations in the families: a third or a quarter of the young people would be called, according to the Saint Curé of Ars and Saint John Bosco.

Another great obstacle to vocations: the commitment in the long term disappearing, the number of divorces increases, which still hurts vocations.

With regard to his apostolate in the United States, Bishop Zendejas in person today regularly serves five mass centers: in New York, Texas, Philadelphia and Saint Mary's (Kansas). A number of friendly priests work in connection with him, such as the abbots Ringrose, Ortiz, Voigt. He has a small school of twenty students, and a spiritual retreat house. Only the lack of priests limits this apostolate, and the faithful look with hope towards the seminary and the Dominicans of Avrillé.

To conclude, Monseigneur strongly insisted on the absolute duty of fidelity, recalling the examples of our ancestors of Vendée and Cristeros of Mexico; the example of the young José Sanchez del Rio, cruelly tortured and martyred, whose sole answer to the executioners Viva Cristo rey, illustrates this duty we all have, even to the youngest. 

(Original here -

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Fr Paul Morgan's Jubilee interview

With Fr Morgan pledging to support those brave enough to take a stand against the liberal trend of the SSPX, we thought it a good idea to reprint the following article from the now defunct magazine Mater Dei. In it Fr Morgan tells his life story on the occasion of his Priestly jubilee in 2013.

Read rest here..

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Menzingen (FSSPX) refuses to ordain the Capuchins of Morgon

Interesting article here from Whilst we may not agree with the final conclusion that the Capuchin's are avoiding a trap by not asking, for example, Bishop Faure to ordain their Priests, the thrust of the article is correct.

The news is confirmed. The superior general of the Fraternity of St. Pius X has just signalled to the Capuchins of Morgon his refusal to confer the priesthood on the two Capuchin deacons who were to be ordained in June. Unfortunately, this is not a first.
Already in 2012, Bishop Fellay had already banned the candidates of the Dominicans in April and those of the sons of St. Francis from ordination. Reason: their "non-confident" attitude regarding the doctrinal preamble which was to endorse the rallying of the FSSPX to conciliar Rome, a preamble which Bishop Fellay withdrew a few months later...

The reason given for the 2018 denial is again a confidence problem. As early as June 2016, the Capuchins had made known their disagreement to the authorities of the Fraternity, who were seeking to conclude a purely canonical agreement with Rome. Such an agreement turned the very serious doctrinal differences into profits and losses, forcing the current Roman authorities to be regarded as heresy suspects.

A little earlier, in March 2016, Father Antoine, Guardian of the convent of Morgon, declared in a video made by MPI-TV, that he could not "celebrate and participate in this Jubilee of Mercy", as it was celebrating both a false mercy and the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council. Such a statement had indisposed Menzingen, who publicly encouraged this celebration.

What has also greatly angered the Superiors of the Fraternity is an intolerable act of charity on the part of the beggar order which has dared to welcome, to receive, rather, simply helped sometimes, some confreres in cold weather with their superior general, so as not to share the "chordist" line of Menzingen.

But the trigger was the support of traditional friendly communities to the seven deans. We recall how they expressed their reservations in May 2017 about the "marriage affair": it was not so much Rome that recognized our marriages as the FSSPX, which placed all marriages of Tradition under the new canonical law, which was unacceptable in this matter. Here again, the profits and losses were substantial: the true nature of the state of necessity engendered by the Church's crisis. Hence the unanimous support of friendly communities for the seven deans.

Some thought that Bishop Fellay's "electoral tour" at the end of October 2017 in all friendly communities was a sign of appeasement, or at least a truce, pending the General Chapter of July 2018. Father Bouchacourt, who accompanied Bishop Fellay on this tour, had clearly stated so. We can see that this is not the case, despite the allegations of the latter, who today forcefully demands "loyalty, loyalty, loyalty, I want loyalty" (sic)!

Let him rest assured, the lack of loyalty is certainly not the fault of the Capuchins of Morgon, nor that of the priests who do not share Menzingen's recent options. It is enough to convince oneself of this to return to what is true loyalty, so well described recently by General de Villiers ("Serve", prologue):

     "True loyalty is to tell your leader the truth. True freedom is to be able to do so, regardless of the risks and consequences. Lyautey said:"When I hear the heels click, I see the spirits closing. True obedience doesn't care about blind obedience. It's friendship obedience. Loyalty is not the spirit of court or the permanent assent to what can be useful in making oneself clear. Silence is sometimes close to cowardice. Loyalty loses legitimacy when legalism begins."

Coming back to our dear Capuchins, they, as usual, will not complain. They will accept this new humiliation Menzingen (FSSPX) refuses to ordain the Capuchins of Morgon as a very small participation in the forthcoming Passion of Our Lord. Nor will they fall into the gross trap set for them : they will wait, rather than seek the help of another "bishop". Thus, in Menzingen, we will not be able to say " you see, we told you, they are the ones who broke up ".

Because the string is a little big, even bigger than the cord worn by our dear religious, so big in fact that even the little Marcelino, from "Pan y vino", would have seen it without any problem...

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