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Anyone who may have missed the recent news on the call for a resurrection of the Rome/SSPX doctrinal discussions by Fr Pagliarani, Tradidi have done a nice collection here including a link to the earlier article. Please take the time to read them. The following from there puts it succinctly  -

" it is important to make a distinction between the objective and the tactic.
The tactic of the Romans and the Neo-SSPX seems to be to oscillate for a while between square 1 and square 2 (or at least to give that impression), just like in order to break metal one only has to bend it back and forth a number of times until it finally snaps. But the objective has always been, and still is, to find a practical way for the Neo-SSPX to cohabitate with the modernists in Rome, to find a place for them in the ecumenical zoo.
To be precise, we are no longer oscillating between square 1 and square 2, but rather between square 5 and square 6. It’s just that all the concessions and cooperation achieved in square 1 to 5 have now become accepted as the new normal by the frogs in the boiling water. As these frogs always extend “the line in the sand” forward, every new step will appear to them as step 2, until one day they will wake up, or rather “arrive without waking up”, at their destination." (End quote)

It is almost as if those of us who have attended the SSPX for twenty years plus are suddenly living in a parallel universe. SSPX priest's who once held (what could be seen as) 'hard-line' positions are now almost identical to an Ecclesia Dei priest. For example, Fr Roy recently examined the latest issue of 'Carillon' the SSPX Canadian magazine.

The following is from the Editorial of Carillon, Fr Roy commentary in red.

"Hence the importance of knowing his catechism which teaches us that "The Church is the society of all who profess the faith of Jesus Christ, who participate in the same sacraments, and who are governed by their legitimate pastors under one visible leader. (Little Catechism of Quebec)
Three elements together constitute belonging to the Church: faith, the sacraments and the government. To eliminate one makes fall into either heresy or schism. We absolutely need all three.
(Fr Roy-Well. Until then no problems. The French-Canadians are reassured: they have been quoted the Quebec Catechism, nothing to complain about. But it is the following that becomes really problematic:)
(Carillon continued) A sectarian trend that occurs today is to keep faith and the sacraments, and to say that the present Church government is so bad that it is no longer needed, or no longer exists. This is even found among some who promote the traditional mass. It is the same spirit that Luther could express itself in a new formula, the Sola Missa . Which means that as long as we keep the faith and the traditional mass, we will be saved. It's wrong. It lacks the link with the Church. A sign of this sectarian trend is clearly the spirit of independence. Archbishop Lefebvre understood this well, he who did not want to be heretical or schismatic. (End quote)

To recall the Catholic doctrine is quite good. That's not the problem. But to speak of this belonging to the Church without mentioning the serious problem now facing the conscience of Catholics is quite dangerous and inappropriate. If we remind ourselves today of the duty of submission to the Church, we must also mention the fact that the Conciliar Church (the Church that made and promotes Vatican II) is in reality a false Church to which it do not submit if you want to remain Catholic..
(Fr Roy commentary)

Now, of course one might argue that Fr Couture may have his cross-hairs on Fr Roy in particular, considering his location (or perhaps Fr Girourard). Indeed, I myself do not agree with Fr Roy's conclusions regarding Pope Francis, but to imagine that Fr Couture is 'aiming' his editorials at Fr Roy is pushing it a little and therefore one has to take it that this Editorial is for instructing the SSPX laity. How can he argue that one has to accept the current ecclesiastical authorities without pointing out the dangers of the current regime?

Ecclesiavacantism is indeed wrong, as we have pointed out in the past, but we can not fail to point out that Fr Couture was one of the signatories of the following Open letter from the Superiors of the FPSPX to Cardinal Gantin in 1988 - 
"On the other hand, we have never wanted to belong to this system which qualifies itself as a conciliar Church, and is defined by the Novus Ordo Missæ, the indifferent ecumenism and the secularization of the whole Society. Yes, we have no part, nullam partem habemus, with the pantheon of the religions of Assisi; our own excommunication by a decree of your Eminence or of another dicastery would be the irrefutable proof. We ask nothing better than to be declared ex communione of the adulterous spirit that has been blowing in the Church for twenty-five years, excluded from impious communion with the infidels. We believe in the only God, our Lord Jesus Christ, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, and we will always be faithful to His only wife, the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church. To be publicly associated with the sanction imposed on the six Catholic bishops, defenders of the faith in its integrity and completeness, would be for us a mark of honor and a sign of orthodoxy in the eyes of the faithful. Indeed, they have a strict right to know that the priests to whom they are addressed are not the communion of a Church counterfeit, evolutionary, Pentecostal, and syncretistic. "

Hand on heart, would he sign this today? Is the Church of today in a better state than in 1988?

The SSPX appears to want its cake and eat it. To those appearing on its doorstep from the Novus Ordo, the line is "you cannot trust your local Bishop or the hierarchy, come to us, we exist due to supplied jurisdiction because of the crisis" but to their own laity the line appears to be "don't ignore the hierarchy, we get jurisdiction for marriages and confession from our local friendly Bishop who we can trust. The contradiction cannot last, and there we may well have the reason for the renewed doctrinal discussions.

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Sermon for the Feast of St. John of the Cross by Fr.Edward MacDonald

St. John of the Cross was inspired by St. Teresa of Avila to assist her in the reform of the Carmelite Order. The rule had been mitigated in the 15th century and St. Teresa and St. John wanted to return it to its original strictness. There was much opposition to this within his order and he suffered much persecution, even being imprisoned twice. Escaping prison, he was successful in bringing about reform.

In our day Archbishop Lefebvre tried to preserve the Church and especially the priesthood from the destructive influence of the modernists and liberals. He absolutely rejected the new Mass, the new sacraments (calling them a “bastard” mass and “bastard” sacraments) and the new direction that the Church was taking. A direction inspired by Satan the Father of Lies to deceive everywhere the religious and the faithful. As Pope Paul VI admitted ‘the smoke of Satan has entered the Church’.
For his efforts Archbishop Lefebvre was belittled and persecuted. He suffered much, but like St. John of the Cross, maintained his peace of soul. He suffered from false brethren, those who were constantly abandoning him in drips and drabs, and those who absolutely rejected him, for example, the monks of Le Barroux, and the traitors who founded with Pope John Paul II the Fraternity of St. Peter. Traitors was the Archbishop’s word as the sole purpose of this Fraternity was to pull souls away from the SSPX. He also undoubtedly suffered from brethren who remained within the SSPX but with treasonous intentions, hoping to sell out the SSPX to the Conciliar Revolution.

Bishop Williamson has likewise suffered much both from the revolutionaries within the SSPX and the liberals and modernists from without. His house arrest in Wimbledon was not as sparse and severe as St. John’s prison but it was a prison nonetheless. He was also several times threatened and persecuted and banned by civil authorities for speaking the truth about the rulers of this world and the powers of darkness.

Persecution goes with reform. Today the Church needs reform from top to bottom. If we intend to work in our little corners of Our Lord’s vineyard on reform we must expect persecution. Thus, we see that priests of the SSPX, which is trying to be revolutionary lite, are persecuting those who are trying to keep the path of Archbishop Lefebvre, the path of no compromise with the revolution.
By being revolution lite they avoid persecution and get to hobnob with Archbishop Schneider and Cardinal Burke and Cardinal Ladaria and Mgr. Pozzo and even Pope Francis. That is, they get to associate with “bad companions”, true revolutionaries. That is the path of revolution lite, and it is the path of self-destruction. The Revolution eats those who are revolution-lite. This is inevitable. They either become full revolutionaries, or they perish. Men like Simon Bolivar can attest to this. May he rest in peace.

We must persevere in not compromising, but also in trying to grow in the knowledge and love of our Faith. Becoming ourselves more strict in our practise of it, and continually trying to conquer ourselves as St. John of the Cross did. His life work was self-denial and self-conquest.

Monday, 19 November 2018


-Summer 2018: the seminarians temporarily leave their beloved seminary during the summer: some will get their driver's licence, others will help in the Jean Vaquié Days, two will help Monsignor Zendejas in his immense apostolate in the United States, others will make camps (Cadets, ASJB, etc ...), without forgetting also the help in the retreats and, of course, a time to return home with their families. But all these activities do not stop the intellectual work because most seminarians will have a "Latin" session at the end of August to practise Latin fluently. The Dominicans do not let up!
- Monday September 3, 2018: the seminar begins its fourth year with a dozen seminarians[from France, USA, Italy, Brazil and Argentina. Note from NP] .  The year begins with a good retreat preached by Father Louis Marie O.P. The seminarians will be able to start the year with a great zeal for God.
-Monday, September 10, 2018: resumption of classes. 
Saturday September 29, 2018: as each year, the seminary makes a pilgrimage to Mont St. Michel to ask for the grace to remain in the fight for Christ the King. This year, the seminary is pleased to be accompanied by His Excellency Monsignor Williamson. Pilgrims came  from all over France and the Archangel Michael must have rejoiced to see this small group gathered under his wings.
-Thursday, October 11, 2018: The seminarians decide to put on the scapular of Saint Michael the Archangel and fight under his banner in defence of the Honour of Christ the King. The faithful are invited to join this fraternity by contacting (or writing to) the seminary.
-Tuesday, October 16, 2018: Bishop Faure announces, on the occasion of a spiritual conference, that Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus now becomes the secondary patroness of the Society of the Apostles of Jesus and Mary. May this great saint inspire many vocations in this priestly work. Therefore, a pilgrimage to Lisieux is planned during this term to formalise this sponsorship of the seminary and the SAJM.
-Tuesday, November 6: good news for the seminary! Father Paul Morgan, former superior of the District of England, decided to join us and help the seminary. The priestly direction is now particularly broad.
For the letter to friends and benefactors by Bishop Faure please go here

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Resistance Fatima Pilgrimage November 2018

After last years successful anniversary pilgrimage to Fatima, attendees were keen for an Irish and English contingent to keep in touch and continue with an annual pilgrimage. With this in mind Fr Ballini led fifty six pilgrims to Fatima from the eighth to the twelfth of November.

The pilgrimage was a great success and an enjoyable, spiritually uplifting time was had by all. Daily Mass, Stations of the Cross and many rosaries were said. Credit to Fr Ballini and the organisers for their efforts and in-spite of sore knees (!), many intend to return next year for more.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

Monday, 12 November 2018

More SSPX morphing into ICKSP

I do not doubt for a second that the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest contains a certain number of good priests. Indeed, I know of at least one who positively discourages attendance at the Novus Ordo if asked directly. One has to wonder if this is the future of the SSPX? A number of good priests – but good because they do not follow the dictates from above?

I know for a fact that priests who, in the past, have not been particularly enamoured with the Resistance, are now completely disillusioned with the direction of the SSPX. Will they let pride get the better of them and not leave because of past animosity? Of will they, like Fr Morgan, say that enough is enough and work for the building of something better. No one could deny that we are certainly a rag-bag of nomads, but our priests are all the more appreciated for their efforts and some who have left have mentioned how it takes them back to 'the good old days' before the priesthood resembled business management.

Here is the latest shocker from Fr Schmidberger.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Polemical avoidance

"The newly-redesigned is fully responsive and beautiful no matter what device you are using! In honor of the 48th anniversary of the founding of the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), the United States District has launched a brand new website. The new site contains the same rich body of historical, catechetical, and doctrinal content as the previous one, but with an enhanced, user-friendly interface that will assist the site’s visitors in locating new and archived content."

The above is the beginning of the introduction to the release of the new, revamped (rebranded) SSPX website. Many years ago, I received an email from the new Editor of The Angelus magazine. I think it was Fr Hegenberger (?). In it he stated that The Angelus was no longer focusing on polemics. I had to re-read it a few times to make sure that I was not mistaken. It was one of the first times that I became aware that the SSPX was changing its position.

Of course, no-one wishes to read the same subject matter over and over but to actually state a change of position to its readers is a serious matter. As stated before on this blog, if the SSPX plans to eradicate everything that differentiates it from Ecclesia Dei then it has to accept that its young people and 'newbies' are going to take it at its word and fluctuate between Fraternities. Indeed one can see even district superiors, once solid, now whispering sweet nothings to Ecclesia Dei telling them that the SSPX were "never that hard on them". (It was probably just extremists like Archbishop Lefebvre!)

The new SSPX website is another step in the direction of polemical avoidance, it could easily be the FSSP. Thank goodness a site has been set up recently, minus the bells and whistles to be sure, but at least direct, to the point and easy to navigate for those who want to find out why we believe what we believe! Here.

Here Tradidi website puts it succinctly.

There is a method in their madness, and a madness in their method !
On the old site (which you can still visit in the web archives, for example here 1) it would take you only one click (on Article Index) to get a quick and thorough overview of what the (old) SSPX was all about and what they were fighting against. Plenty of articles against the Council, against the New Mass, against the Indultarators, against annulments, against false ecumenism, against the Vatican II popes, against the luminous mysteries, against Opus Dei, against Feeneyism, against stem cell research, against bogus canonizations, and the list goes on and on… and all of these articles in one place, referenced and indexed on one single page!
On the new site, practically everything is “positive” and you will need to be very persistent and dig deep for any strong articles that condemn anything or anyone (except the Resistance of course). Like the Romans in the sixties preparing their surrender to the world by stopping their condemnations of all kinds of errors, so too now is the SSPX preparing their own surrender by hiding any and all condemnations and trying to focus on their positive image, to show the world and the modernists: “hey we are nithe Catholics, you needn’t fear anything from us, we won’t condemn you, let’s all be friends!”
If you know what to look for you can still find the old articles hidden underneath the new website (often they’re just a link to … an archive of the old website, 1) , but you will have to go digging deep, and all by yourself. For example, try and find the article “The Indult Mass: Should one attend it all?” on the new website. Good luck!
It is so plain for anyone to see, yet many (most) SSPXers don’t want to see it.
Neither do they put new wine into old bottles. Otherwise the bottles break, and the wine runneth out, and the bottles perish. But new wine they put into new bottles: and both are preserved. (Matthew 9:17)
Neither do they put the new direction into the old website. Otherwise the website will break, spill the beans, and give them away. But a new direction they put into a new website: and both are preserved, the old direction in the museum and the new direction on their new website.

Monday, 29 October 2018

Bishop Williamson in Ireland

From the 26th to the 29th October Bishop Richard Williamson visited Ireland to
administer confirmations, give conferences and inspect the growing work at the Priory in West Cork.


Beginning with a Mass and conference in Tralee, County Kerry he then visited the Priory. On Saturday he traveled into Cork city and gave a conference where he linked the gradual erosion of catholic truth in society and the varying reactions to it. 

On Sunday before an impressive crowd of well over a hundred, he administered the rite of Confirmation to eight souls which was then followed by a party to celebrate his thirty years as a Bishop. 

An enjoyable time was had by all and was well attended by laity from all over Ireland, even as far away as Belfast. Credit to all involved, religious and laity, for all the efforts made in making the event such a success.

Thanks to an attendee for the report.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

The closer to Rome...the more like a cult.

"Father, have you lost your mind? Does the prospect of such desired recognition make you dizzy? Didn't you spend most of your life ministering without Roman jurisdiction? Why now play the frightened virgin and brandish your despicable "Roman recognition" that has made you lose all honour? Need I remind you that you were one of the signatories of the Open Letter to Cardinal Gantin in 1988, which stated: "To be publicly associated with the sanction imposed on the six Catholic bishops, defenders of the faith in its integrity and wholeness, would be for us a mark of honour and a sign of orthodoxy before the faithful. Indeed, they have a strict right to know that the priests they are addressing are not part of the communion of a counterfeiting of the Church, evolving, Pentecostal, and syncretist"? Your current attitude therefore inspires disgust.."
Read first - Letter to Fr Groche

It is with a tremendous amount of sadness that the letter above is posted. For someone who loves the Society it is difficult to witness such a betrayal of the work of Archbishop Lefebvre. I heard about the Australian episode a while ago but hesitated to post anything due to not being privy to all the facts of the case. However, in this second case it appears that the priest in question is using the sacraments as a weapon to attack both Fr Roy and anyone with even a modicum of attachment to him. It is clear that the young man in question is not someone heavily involved with the 'Resistance' at all, but the priest saw an opportunity to publicly attack Fr Roy at this persons expense.

One would imagine that the closer it gets to a deal, the more the SSPX would be encouraged to welcome those from all backgrounds of Tradition. Is this not the reason for the new seminary, that young men from non-SSPX families would find the 'new-SSPX' far more to their liking than Nebraska for example? Indeed, few will have missed some 'positions of importance' within chapels of the Society are now filled with those who not too long ago would have felt more at home in Ecclesia Dei.

However, this 'charity' appears to stop short when it comes to those objecting to the trajectory of the Society towards Rome, in-spite of the fact that it is public knowledge that many of their own priests voice concerns. It truly is the worst kind of emotional blackmail, school-ground bullying, to threaten the withdrawal of the sacraments to those who simply disagree with a practical deal before a doctrinal one. It is acting in exactly the same way that the worst modern priest or bishop acted towards the SSPX in the past, yet they now, incredibly, act as though a Society prior to 2007 did not exist. It is quite apparent that if a priest leaves to join Ecclesia Dei he is given an emotional farewell, (as we have witnessed in France and India) if he joins the Resistance he is considered as 'vagus'. Truly scandalous.

Also the bizarre view that the laity owe some kind of slavish obedience to the SSPX is bordering on the schismatic. Some SSPX priests are becoming a law unto themselves and to quote Fr Roy making "submission to the fraternity" a condition for receiving the sacraments.

This may indeed come back to bite the SSPX. I have known a number of SSPX priests and nuns whose parents were sedevacantists. None of these people followed their parents into this error. However, what if the SSPX had banned these people from the sacraments etc? Would these children have still found their way into the religious life in the Society?

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Fr Edward MacDonald on the Canadian School scandal

Whilst this may appear 'old news', Fr MacDonald makes a number of interesting points here. Whilst the SSPX Superior acted to change the text of the school handbook, the real issue is not the reaction but the fact that the text was deemed acceptable in the first place. Now anyone who has any experience in this field will surely know the amount of 'cutting and pasting' involved in legislation. However some of this can not be explained away by the simple use of generic templates and it should be of great concern for those in Society schools that this is the second time that it was only after the outcry became 'public' did they deem it necessary to do anything about it! No wonder Fr Pagliarani hates the internet.  (Tradcatresist)

Fr MacDonald -

St John Bosco Private School, a school of the SSPX in Alberta, Canada has adopted the modern diabolical political correctness. It has sacrificed a Catholic ethos and chosen instead to follow the current pagan, anti-God, anti-truth, immoral zeitgeist. The attached (below) only comments on / corrects one minor point in the school handbook. The following is from the school handbook showing that all the corrupt legislation is heartily embraced by the SSPX. One can look up some of these government acts to see for oneself.


"To achieve this goal, the Board requires that its schools and staff and students promote
a welcoming, caring, respectful, safe learning environment that respects diversity and
fosters a sense of belonging in accordance with the rights of staff and students under the
following legislation and as reflected in School’s procedures:
·       Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
·       Alberta Human Rights Act.
·       Alberta Bill of Rights.
·       School Act.
·       An Act to Support Gay-Straight Alliances"

Given that all students are created in the divine image and likeness of God, and are therefore endowed with an inalienable worth that cannot be violated, circumstances involving gender identity or gender expression, as they affect a student, are to be addressed with a high degree of sensitivity, respect, and inclusion, and where required, expertise and support (in the context of the schools resources).

The quote is from the Student Code of Conduct of the St. John Bosco Private School, a school of the Society of St. Pius X in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

What are we to think of this school policy?

all students are created in the divine image and likeness of God
This is an error. The image of God is not the same as the likeness of God. The catechism teaches man is created in the image and likeness of God, however this does not refer to every man. It only refers to Adam and Eve. They were made in the image and likeness of God. The rest of us were conceived in sin” and born with Original Sin. Original Sin makes one very unlike God.

The Image of God is something natural. This image is chiefly in the soul which is a spirit with understanding and free will. Angels and men are created in the image of God. They cannot lose this image as it is part of their nature. The devils, damned souls, the holy souls in Purgatory, the Blessed in heaven and men living on earth and those to be born until the end of time are in the image of God, and all will for eternity be in the image of God.

The Likeness of God is Supernatural. Adam and Eve were created in grace, also The angels were created in grace. Sanctifying Grace is a participation or share in the nature of God which makes one in the state of grace and child of God. Grace is the adoption of one into the family of God. God is his father.

The holy angels obeyed God and preserved the state of Grace. They are like God. Lucifer and the wicked angels rebelled against God, committed a mortal sin and lost grace. In doing so they became unlike God. Adam and Even by disobeying God committed a mortal sin and lost grace. They became unlike God. By repenting and doing hundreds of years of penance they regained the state of grace. However, their sin, Original Sin is inherited by their progeny. With the exception of the Blessed Virgin Mary Adams descendants are created without grace, in the state of sin. They are not like God. Baptism makes one a child of God, gives him sanctifying grace and makes him like his Father in heaven.

"The Likeness to God is what gives one worthor dignity. ...and are therefore endowed with an inalienable worth that cannot be violated"

This is another error. Mortal sin causes one to lose sanctifying grace, makes him unlike God and causes him to lose his dignity. Sinners, the fallen angels and the Damned have no dignity, no worth. As long as we are on earth, in the state of probation we are in danger of committing mortal sin and losing our dignity. It is not inalienable for the students of St. John Bosco School. Only the Baptised children who are in the state of grace have worth, which is always in danger of being lost. It is not inalienable. 

"Circumstances involving gender identity or gender expression."
God made men male and female. Every human creature is either male or female, boy or girl, lady or gentleman. This gender was chosen by God and cannot be changed. We are not free to choose our gender. Nor are we free to identifywith a gender that is not ours. Human nature cannot be changed. Our perverse society, rebelling against Our Lord Jesus Christ, wants to usurp divine powers and let us decide for ourselves whether we are boy or girl. This we cannot do. It is a mark of the slide of the SSPX that they are adopting the theories and terminology of the revolution against God. This is another factor in the corruption of the SSPX

Fr. Edward F. MacDonald
October 22, 2018

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Ordination to the diaconate The fight between the enemies of God and his faithful

Transcription of Bishop Williamson's sermon

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost

Dear sirs, the abbots,
Dear ordinand to the diaconate,

Dear faithful,
An ordination to the diaconate, the last step before the priesthood itself. The rite of this ordination ceremony compares the deacon with the Levites of the Old Testament. The Levites belonged to this tribe whose special privilege was the priesthood. Priests and priests, called Levites - in other words, deacons for us - were to belong to this tribe of Levi; all the male members were automatically priests, and those who were preparing for it were already Levites, therefore deacons of the New Testament.
And the ordination rite to the diaconate also says - what was said yesterday in the feast of St. Michael the Archangel - that the deacon enters into struggle and that he will therefore be at the front of this fight between the devil and God for salvation souls. The rite quotes precisely those words of St. Paul to which reference was made yesterday, "For we have not to fight against flesh and blood, but against the princes, against the powers, against the rulers of this world of darkness, against the evil spirits spread in the air. [1] In the first moment of their creation, all these angels are perfect, coming out of the hands of God, but as soon as they have the use of the free will of which God has endowed them, they choose to make the revolution against God with Lucifer at their head. So it is they, the fallen demons with Lucifer at their head, who make the world today what it is. In this fight, Satan seems to have conquered - by appearances - he leads the game. I hope many of you have realized how Satan leads the game in society and in today's world! And so Satan can not not hate Christ, can not not want all souls to end up in hell and that's why he works.
So the notion of modern ecumenism is completely idiotic. Ecumenism today pretends that this struggle has ended, that man can make the unity of the human race and that we must make the unity of the human race. That we try to make the unity of the human race in Christ so that all souls are saved, okay! But Satan has the exact opposite idea: it is necessary to make the unity of the human race in error, in stupidity, in sin so that the whole world falls into hell and makes members of its infernal reign. Then the ecumenism of Vatican II, which is still very relevant, intends to unite the human race, but without reference to Christ, that is to say that the unity of men takes precedence over the truth of God. The truth of God, we do not care. The truths of God, the truths revealed by Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Christian revelation, it is not this unity that is targeted by Vatican II. According to Vatican II, all men of all religions, in one way or another, must unite, leaving aside the truth, leaving aside the requirements of the Gospel. All this is simply to unite and so we pretend that there is no fight. Nothing prevents the unity of the human race altogether desired, if not the Christian doctrine which is an obstacle. And so we absolutely refuse the Christian "indoctrination" to which we attribute all the evils of the world. We will say: all wars are religious, are to be attributed to Christ; if Christians did not want war for religion, well, all men could make peace. It's silly of such ideas! Because God, on his side, can no longer love Satan, can no longer agree with Satan, must be opposed to Satan. He could at any time by raising a finger, so to speak, crush Satan, he does not want to do it. God does not want to do it because He wants men to fight to merit Heaven. We must be worthy of Heaven, and by this struggle in which the deacon of this ceremony will engage much more than before by being ordained a deacon.

The unity of men against the truth of God is necessarily the struggle.

But St. Paul says in the same text already quoted yesterday that it is not a struggle in the style of men, but a spiritual struggle because the real adversary is the demon who is a to be completely spiritual, there is no matter in the demon. Since this is a spiritual struggle, it must be managed, led especially by spiritual means. The deacon of today will therefore have to pray and, as the rite also says, will have to watch over his chastity, to keep chastity. It is chastity that allows to see clearly in many things. Men who do not observe, who do not keep chastity, are men more or less confused. So the deacon to see clearly in this spiritual struggle will have to beware of the demon, the flesh and the world, those three eternal enemies of eternal salvation that threaten, who are gripping so many people today, one of three or two of the three or all three. And it is by its own choice that the world is under the power [of demons], the world around us is devoting itself to the devil. He would not need it, he could choose to follow God, he chose instead to follow the devil. The result, we see it all around us, and it gets worse day by day. Here is what faces us, here is what faces the future deacon.
So, my dear friends, let us pray and be able to pray for the ministers of the Church and for the priests, because without the priests, according to the will of God, we can not lead this spiritual struggle. We can not rely on our own strength: it is not enough to be a good man to reach Heaven. It is enough, to be brave towards the neighbors, to try to make friends with everybody, yes, that we can do by our own strength, but the supernatural grace, indispensable for the eternal salvation, does not come from us, not can not come from us, it comes through the Church of Jesus Christ, through the sacraments of Jesus Christ. The good God can always reach souls with his grace, bypassing the sacraments, but it is not normal. It is exceptional that God bypasses his own sacraments because he instituted them precisely to be the means of eternal salvation.
And so, let's be wary of this sentimental mentality that everyone is brave, everyone is good, everyone is sweet, everyone is sincere, everyone has good intentions. This is not true. We see well with the scandals that are now breaking out in the priesthood and up to the summit of the priesthood, including the Holy Father, we see the bad doctrine flouting the doctrine of all time by replacing it with the doctrine of Vatican II and ending up with a terrible immorality. And the men of the Church are right in it! "Corruptio optimi pessima," said the Latins, "the corruption of the best is the worst corruptions. "Pride precedes the fall, they say in English, pride before the fall." To pride oneself on the capacity of men, on the strength of men, on the independence of men, to boast of them is the path of damnation, followed at present by many of the priests at the head of the Church. It is unimaginable, it is inconceivable, but it is none the less real. This is the reality of the situation. Saint Vincent de Paul would have said: "It is easier to make a new priest than to convert an elder". Unfortunately, the poor Fraternity Saint Pius X slips, it may not have quite fallen yet, but it slips; this tribe of new priests made by Archbishop Lefebvre, this tribe is no longer the same. That is why we must strive at our small level, with the means at our disposal, even if they are rather limited, we must strive to make good priests who will be safe and solid in doctrine, and good in morality. And this is what the rite of ordination to the diaconate demands and demands.
So, let's see clearly! The doctrine first. It is for lack of doctrine that one becomes sentimental: intelligence is no longer enlightened, reason is no longer enlightened by faith to raise it above passions and feelings. The intelligence is emptied or paralyzed, mutilated for lack of faith and there remains the feelings ... and the current ecumenism of Vatican II. For this ecumenism is sentimental: "I want to be a friend of all men; all men must be my friends! My dear friends, the great number of men chooses to belong to the devil. They choose, do not deceive yourself. Most know what they are doing, in the background of themselves they know what they are doing. If they did not know, how could God judge them at the moment of death? But we will all be judged, according to what we know and men do not admit it, do not want to admit it. But they know they are on their way to hell. Many, anyway. Certainly, there are ignorant in the situation today, especially among the youth because teachers, parents, adults, teachers no longer teach young people the great truths revealed by Christ, the great truths of the Christian revelation. There are young people who have never heard of it, and even in today's schools adults are forbidden to talk about God to young people. We even forbid workers who, without being teachers, work in a school - in the United States, in any case, and this is probably also the case in France - they are forbidden to speak of God to young people. It's satanic, it's nothing less than satanic! A priest like Father Pivert does all he can to attract young people and to teach them, to catechize them, so that they know well and thoroughly their catechism of Christian doctrine.
But the world does not care about doctrine. He calls it indoctrination and what is worse today than indoctrination? It is Freemasonry behind [these attacks] and, behind Freemasonry, many of you know who it is: the bimillennial enemies of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who for two thousand years have challenged, go, fight against the Church; who want to destroy the Church, if only they could. They have striven for it, they have been striving for it for two thousand years, and they have not resigned; they have not become kind, please! These are not the victims, they are the "victimizers", those who are victims of men. In particular, they want to make victims for eternity because they are followers of the devil. The demon did not resign. God did not resign. The agreement between the two is absolutely impossible. From there, the inevitability of struggle and the need to fight! And we come to tell us that the world has changed, that Rome has changed, that Rome is now our friend, I quote, "our new friends," said a certain leader of the Fraternity. "Our new friends", yes of course "new", certainly they were not friends at the beginning of the Fraternity and they have not become friends since in truth. It's an illusion, a sentimental illusion. Feelings in their place, yes, under reason, dominated and led by reason, yes, absolutely. Feelings belong to our human nature. Our Lord cried before the little dead man, the son of the widow of Naim, he cried as he was about to raise Lazarus. Our Lord was full of feelings. "My Father, let this chalice pass if it is possible," but he dominated the feelings: "but if it is not your will, while I drink it. If you want me to drink it, I'll drink it because it's your will. But all my poor nature and all my poor feelings are against, but I must dominate. Our Lord evidently gives us the example of not following the feelings but, if necessary and in case of necessity, to dominate and trample them under his feet.
The world today is frightfully sentimental because it has no more doctrine and so it gets on the road to hell because it has no more doctrine. What is the doctrine revealed by God? This is the story of reality. To brave doctrine, to ignore doctrine, is to ignore reality, to indulge in illusion and stupidity and the great danger of losing one's soul for eternity. This is what is at stake today, it is grandiose since there is the salvation or the damnation of billions and billions of souls. And the Church still seems, the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, still seems for the moment to be losing. She is losing, apparently. But when Our Lord was on the way to the cross, he seemed to be losing too. Yet has he lost? Oh no ! It is two days, three days in the tomb, but, at that moment, the resurrection! My dear friends, let's not lose faith in the Church. Do not lose faith. Do not lose faith in the Church, in our Lord Jesus Christ, in God, but believe. You do not indulge yourself, if you follow faith, if you put faith in your mind and the will supports and sustains it in intelligence. Well ! you do not indulge in illusion, you are in reality. As our Lord says at the end of the sermon on the mountain: "There you build not on the sand, but on the rock. While all this poor masoned world, which follows the Freemasons, is in the illusion and the dissolution of the doctrine. This is the key point of Masonry. There must be no, it is illicit that there is any doctrine that claims to be infallible. Infallibility of doctrine? No, says Freemasonry. Every man has the right to his own opinion. Freedom, equality, fraternity. Freedom, equality to destroy the Old Regime. Brotherhood to make the New World Order. Well no ! We follow Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Most Holy Mother! And to protect ourselves, we resort mainly to Our Lady and, in practice, we pray her rosary to her and as we are most sure to follow her divine Son. It is the Son who saves us, but it is his Mother who is the surest way to grip us, to cling to Our Lord and not to lose the good path.
In short, let's pray for the new deacon. He goes into battle, he goes to war. He still has the priesthood, so the war goes on full, but even from the diaconate. You remember how great St Stephen the Deacon was at the beginning of the Church. And St. Lawrence, the famous deacon of Rome, the equivalent of St. Stephen. St. Stephen in Jerusalem, St. Lawrence in Rome, the two deacons, and the two tortured and martyred. Do not be fooled, we are going to torture, it is possible. God is God, He knows what is best for us. If he allows that for us, well! he knows that he will offer us, most certainly, he will offer us all the necessary graces. It will depend on us to accept these graces and to accept all that we suffer because if we go to the point of martyrdom, it is the fastest elevator in Heaven. So, let's have courage. Let us imagine that this situation we are living in is soon a situation of torture and martyrdom as it is already in the communist countries for a century now that the revolution has broken out in Russia. Already a century and immediately terror is imposed by the Communists to dominate the population and put it on the road to hell. Communism did not resign either, but it disguised itself. Instead of resigning, he disguised himself. It is now globalism or globalism. These gentlemen who claim to be very gentle, who want the unity of the human race in their New World Order, well! they are fierce enemies of Our Lord Jesus Christ, His holy Mother, and the Church. Let us not deceive ourselves, let us not be fooled by these appearances of peace, by these appearances of good will, of kindness, of friendship. Let us be wary with prudence and intelligence. Not everyone is bad, but many today are bad.
So let's pray for the deacon today and pray every day the string of five mysteries in the families. That adults who are able to pray and find ways to pray fifteen mysteries a day. It is very strong and Our Lady calls us to that. She wants us to pray, pray, pray, pray the rosary, all fifteen mysteries. It is possible more than we think and, as she asked Japan, pray the rosary. Let us pray, of course, for our families, for our country. Yes, for our country! One is not racist by simply loving one's homeland and wanting one's homeland to survive as such and not to be caught by strangers. Here again, this infernal propaganda makes us think that we are racist if we love our homeland. Well no ! Make sure of this racist label. Love your homeland! Not to the exclusion of others, but to serve others as Archbishop Lefebvre, good French, true French, served the whole world with faith and doing all he could for faith. The glory and vocation of France have been faith. May this faith become the glory, the honor, and the future of France, and France will be resurrected, and with faith it will convert foreigners who do not flee from faith. If there are strangers who do not flee, well! among the French who would be converted, they would also be converted. It would be irresistible, the example of all the French together. It's a dream if you want, but at least it's an ideal that must be pursued.
So the rosary but perhaps first for the pope, it is Our Lady who said it and who asks it, for the pope, for the bishops and for the priests. Because faith is the key to the future of the human race and the key to faith is prayer and today - it is the very clear and repeated recommendation of Our Lady - it is the rosary which is the key of faith.
Pray the rosary, my dearest friends, and let us pray during this little ceremony for the deacon, the future deacon who is advancing a great step towards the front of this gigantic war.
In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. So be it.
[1] 1 Cor 6: 12

 google translation

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

First the reaction to the Vigano this!

Another scandalous, tepid, weak response from the SSPX. (Here) This time about the horrendous deal between Rome and Communist China and its betrayal of all those imprisoned or martyred in the name of Christ. When will concerned laity and clerics within the SSPX organise and start supporting those brave priests who work with the four Resistant bishops?

There was never a better time for the Society to go for the conciliar jugular and expose these traitors for what they are. Instead of using post-conciliar flawed encyclicals to attract conservative pro-lifers (Humanae Vitae...Really guys?) they should be crying from the rooftops about subjects such as the appeasement of the Patriotic 'Church'. Yet... all is lost for the sake of a potential self serving Personal Prelature.

What would it take to for people of good will in the SSPX make a stand? What is next? Society schools appeasing transgender laws?! Oh, wait sorry..  Canada story here

Monday, 1 October 2018


In order to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the consecrations, Bishop Williamson and Bishop Faure attended a pilgrimage of thanksgiving at Mont Saint Michel on Saturday, September 29th. Sunday included the welcome ordination of Brother Marcel of the Cross to the Diaconate. Below is a mainstream news item where he can be seen working in the social sphere with young men from difficult backgrounds trying to make a difference in society.

Congratulations Br Marcel. 

Friday, 28 September 2018

News and views

A few things from the last couple of weeks some may have missed.

Psalm 129 blog which sadly only comments occasionally, has a couple of excellent posts which are well worth reading here

'Traditional Catholic Resistance'  links portal has added a superb series of Lenten lectures from 1910 explaining the essentials of what Socialism is and is not, on its 'Social issues' tab here.

Regarding the homosexual scandal fallout, here is a good article by Hilary White on the problem with 'conservative' catholics and their inability to discern between obedience to superiors and obedience to God. Here

Below Fr Pivert speaks on the agenda on those in the mainstream media in using these terrible happenings.

The vices of a certain clergy
Causes and consequences

You know the great scandal of American priests whose manners against nature - alas! - have just been denounced by Bishop Vigano.
I have refused to echo it until now, because that is not the way to restore the Church. First of all, we must not confuse causes and consequences. Then, our enemies take advantage of the scandal to disorient the spirits. Passion is always bad counselor.

Here is the interesting testimony of a Jesuit who lived in the United States, Father Jean-François Thomas, SJ [1] After that I will give some additional observations.

Father J.-F. Thomas - This scandal is too quickly reduced to a moral problem. It seems to me that the foundation of the problem is not moral because, in the Church, there have always been cases [of sin]. The nature of man has been sinful since the beginning, so the men of the Church are also sinners. On the other hand, what is new in the Church is that the doctrinal and liturgical foundation has completely collapsed since the last decades.

Reporter - Do you relate the two?

Father Thomas - Yes, I make a connection between the two because what has been damaged by this doctrinal and liturgical collapse is the role of [doctrinal] authority. In a country like the United States, it was flagrant. I lived a few years in the United States as a young Jesuit at the end of the 80s. The culture of lobbies within religious congregations and dioceses was frightening because authority no longer had a say. did not do his job. There was therefore absolutely no basis for separating things from what was good and what was wrong, the Church having chosen for a few decades to marry the world; at the time, everything was allowed in a country like the United States and in Anglo-Saxon countries. And so we see that if there has been a loss of credibility of the Church, it is the Anglo-Saxon countries that are the most affected. We can not say that the situation is the same between the United States and France. No. Of course, in France, there are problems, but they are not on the same scale as in the United States, Ireland, Australia or the Anglo-Saxon countries - and that Latin America, but there it is still totally under the bushel.

Reporter - When you say that lobbies were active in religious congregations, do you have some examples to tell us?

Father Thomas - Yes. For example, I belonged to a very large Jesuit community since it was the East Coast scholasticate in Cambridge near Boston. However, in community meetings, the habit of the young American Jesuits when they presented themselves - this in the presence of the superiors and the older Jesuits who did the same thing - was always to say what was their sexual preference.

Reporter - Oh yes, it was clearly posted?

Father Thomas - It was clearly displayed. It should not be surprising, then, that there are overflows that go beyond the theory, that it goes to practice, of course. So it was very difficult for a young religious to resist this spirit, which came from the world in fact, since in the American society of the time, it was the way of doing things. "

Here are my (Fr Pivert's) observations.

This testimony clearly illustrates that it is the doctrine that guides the practice. For doctrine is truth, that is, the wisdom of God. It is puritanism that puts morality above the truth and this morality, being blind, does not last long.

It is not the Church that must be attacked and condemned - as do our enemies - but the conciliar sect which has claimed to take the place of the Church.

We always put forward the faults of Christians, and especially those of priests, to denigrate the holiness of the Gospel and the work of Our Lord Jesus Christ. But the argument is not worth it, because, precisely, the Gospel condemns these faults and the Church rejects these sinners. She rejects them since she no longer admits them to communion. If she welcomes them, it is only through the confessional. On the contrary, the faults committed in all the false "religions" reveal the malice of these since they are committed with their agreement. And these false "religions" have been created most of the time to promote these faults and give them an appearance of legitimacy. Was not one of Luther's first acts to allow divorce to the German princes? Let's not talk about the horrors of Buddhism with its phallic cult and even less about the religion of human rights which aims to validate any revolt, which is the cult of revolt against God.

So when we see that these are the "priests" of the religion of human rights, Pennsylvania prosecutors, Freemasons, journalists bought by them, who are suing the Church for vices that they encourage and claim to justify in themselves, that they do not justify their own laws! They reproach the Church for the unnatural vice of some of his priests, but they forbid him to oppose it under the pretext of homophobia! One feels the triumphant laughter of Satan in these attacks. To laugh all the more triumphant that he has obtained that the men of the Church marry the world, that is to say, marry him, Satan, which is the worst of all vices against nature.
Father François Pivert
[1] Testimony during the show L'Homme Nouveau, Club des hommes in black at 16:45. But I do not advise you to waste your time listening to this broadcast of liberals.   (End)

To finish off, after reading Bishop Williamson's excellent Eleison Comments responding to a letter by a catholic talking of leaving the Church for Orthodoxy over the abuses, please read this wonderful story by Boccaccio on the Church's sanctity despite its sinful clergy. Here

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Archbishop Lefebvre Ridgefield Notes

Excellent transcribed notes of talks given by the Archbishop during 1982-83. Includes his attitude towards those refusing his authority in support of sedevacantism.

Sunday, 16 September 2018


A couple of pictures from the recent pilgrimage to Knock in Ireland. Thanks to an attendee for the photographs. 

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Real News on Russia and the Syrian conflict

This interesting magazine gives an insight into the background of the Syrian conflict and Russia's involvement. One does not need to agree with everything written to make use of its excellent timeline and facts. 
Read here

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

"Quick, act fast before anyone thinks we don't want a deal!!"

This shocking carry-on confirms the shambles that is the current SSPX. In true 'Conflict Zone' style, Fr Thouvenot rushes to contradict an article written by another SSPX priest simply stating the words of Archbishop Lefebvre. Words which the SSPX wants its laity to believe in order to keep them but the conciliar church to disregard. With friends like these...
Article here

Thursday, 6 September 2018

First year spirituality course

The seminary course on the liturgy has proved to be very popular with viewers. Some have mentioned that they have other courses from their time in the seminary or elsewhere that they may consider scanning and putting online. I urge them to do so and help those who may be considering a vocation and may benefit from reading such courses. What better apostolate  could there be than scanning such works for the spiritual benefit of others!😉

In the meantime, please see below for the first year spirituality course.


Saturday, 1 September 2018

SSPX silence on Vigano revelations

A friend pointed out to me the total silence of the FSSPX-News site on the revelations of Archbishop Vigano. So I went to the site in question. Nothing in effect (Friday, August 31, 2018 at 14:00). If you type "Vigano" in the internal search engine of the site FSSPX News, nothing is found on the news. It's incredible.
A possible explanation
We must stop for a few moments on the sources of the site FSSPX-News. We regularly find the site "" as reference site (next to "La Croix" "figaro", "lumen fidei"). There is virtually no truly traditional site as the source of information. The desire for neutrality leads to an ideological alignment with the worst enemies of the Church.
And as all these progressive sites (or pseudo-conservatives) are currently counter-attacking the revelations of Monsignor Vigano, it is not at all surprising to see the editorial line of FSSPX-News (and thus of the superiors of the SSPX) is now in the defence of the current pope and silence on these scandalous facts.

To these reasons can be added political motives. The new SSPX is seeking a modus vivendi with conciliar Rome to establish its canonical legality. In addition, the bishops of the SSPX are aging and Rome must be spared to obtain an inheritance. (and the potential to "slip a deal past a non-doctrinal Pope" to quote Fr Morgan, ebbs away. Ed)

This silence is really a disaster for the Tradition because Providence was setting the pole to slay hard progressives. And even the ralliers of the first hour have understood it well. The silence of the new SSPX will only strengthen Pope Francis in his progressive tyranny. Thank you Menzingen !!

Three links of interest from ourselves (tradcatresist)

The testimony of Vigano

Interesting article from a Ecclesia Dei Priest on homosexuality and the new mass.
Why Did So Many Gay Men Enter the Priesthood in the 20th Century?

Also an article (warning, with some sailors language) criticizing Michael Voris' recent video on the scandal. However it does not address his attempt to distance Bergoglio the man from Bergoglio the Pope, nor his bizarre belief that it is fine to judge his actions as opposed to his teachings!?
Mike Voris, just man up and apologise