Thursday, 12 July 2018

Living like aliens and other reflections

by Tradcatresist

I was recently taken advantage of in a small financial matter. It was not an enormous amount (no need for a paypal button at the bottom of the article!) but it turned someone I had considered an old friend into an acquaintance. In times like that it is hard to see the good in human nature and we often tend to despair of our neighbor. How often does the kindness one attempts, end up (admittedly possibly subconsciously) being picked up as a weakness to be exploited? However, to look at it from a different perspective, such experiences can sometimes help us recognize what our place as Christians in this world is meant to be. It bought to mind the following ‘letter to Diognetus’ and being considered an alien in one's own land.

"Christians are indistinguishable from other men either by nationality, language or customs. They do not inhabit separate cities of their own, or speak a strange dialect, or follow some outlandish way of life. Their teaching is not based upon reveries inspired by the curiosity of men. Unlike some other people, they champion no purely human doctrine. With regard to dress, food and manner of life in general, they follow the customs of whatever city they happen to be living in, whether it is Greek or foreign. 

And yet there is something extraordinary about their lives. They live in their own countries as though they were only passing through. They play their full role as citizens, but labor under all the disabilities of aliens. Any country can be their homeland, but for them their homeland, wherever it may be, is a foreign country. Like others, they marry and have children, but they do not expose them. They share their meals, but not their wives.  

They live in the flesh, but they are not governed by the desires of the flesh. They pass their days upon earth, but they are citizens of heaven. Obedient to the laws, they yet live on a level that transcends the law. Christians love all men, but all men persecute them. Condemned because they are not understood, they are put to death, but raised to life again. They live in poverty, but enrich many; they are totally destitute, but possess an abundance of everything. They suffer dishonor, but that is their glory. They are defamed, but vindicated. A blessing is their answer to abuse, deference their response to insult. For the good they do they receive the punishment of malefactors, but even then they, rejoice, as though receiving the gift of life. They are attacked by the Jews as aliens, they are persecuted by the Greeks, yet no one can explain the reason for this hatred. 

To speak in general terms, we may say that the Christian is to the world what the soul is to the body. As the soul is present in every part of the body, while remaining distinct from it, so Christians are found in all the cities of the world, but cannot be identified with the world. As the visible body contains the invisible soul, so Christians are seen living in the world, but their religious life remains unseen. The body hates the soul and wars against it, not because of any injury the soul has done it, but because of the restriction the soul places on its pleasures. Similarly, the world hates the Christians, not because they have done it any wrong, but because they are opposed to its enjoyments. 

Christians love those who hate them just as the soul loves the body and all its members despite the body's hatred. It is by the soul, enclosed within the body, that the body is held together, and similarly, it is by the Christians, detained in the world as in a prison, that the world is held together. The soul, though immortal, has a mortal dwelling place; and Christians also live for a time amidst perishable things, while awaiting the freedom from change and decay that will be theirs in heaven. As the soul benefits from the deprivation of food and drink, so Christians flourish under persecution. Such is the Christian’s lofty and divinely appointed function, from which he is not permitted to excuse himself.”

This beautiful apologetic for the Christian life in time of persecution is of great spiritual solace for those attempting to ‘hold the line’ of the great work of Archbishop Lefebvre as we witness the Fraternity he created imploding.

Occasionally I am told of (and also witness) the great trials of those who refuse to cave in and therefore return to the ‘comforts’ of wilful blindness in the Fraternity, instead continuing to support the occasional masses offered by the too few Resistant priests. How much easier it would be too be part of the, ahem, internal resistance and receive all the benefits of being part of the Fraternity whilst all the time being opposed to its ultimate, admitted, aim of reconciliation through a Personal Prelature.

Among the difficulties are the lack of spine in those who we would have always admired. Catholic Family News has recently appointed Menzingen apologist Brian McCall as Editor and recently I noticed in The Remnant Newspaper a ‘feel good’ article about the ordinations from traditional orders over the summer. Being as trad ecumenical as possible of course they are all there, SSPX, Good Shepherd, ICKSP, FSSP but wait, hold on, someone is missing!? Surely there must be some mistake? What about Father Juan Bautista OSB ordained by Dom Thomas of Aquino? Of course I jest, he is not there for a reason.

Now I must admit I like Michael Matt, I have followed his path from hard-line FSSP to SSPX apologist and I sincerely believe that he is opposed to a SSPX/Rome deal, possibly due to witnessing the FSSP protocol 1411 debacle. But his ‘deceit’ aids no-one. There can be no doubt that the General Chapter is a source of great concern to the hundreds of thousands of SSPX supporters worldwide, yet no priest who opposes such a move from the Resistance would be offered an opportunity to debate in the pages of The Remnant in-spite of the huge interest there would be in one. It would be uncharitable to assign this to financial concerns regarding paper sales, none of us are in a position to judge his intentions. However, if he is indeed opposed to a SSPX deal then why carry on the pretense that the resistance does not exist and that a priest who is a member of the SSPX one day and leaves over the same concerns that he has, is persona non-grata in The Remnant from that day forward?

As for those brave soldiers who find themselves in the wilderness through no other reason than geographical location and lack of resistant priests, the lack of community for these people can have long term harmful effects, for example despair. So what can any of us do to help?

Two small suggestions, not perfect, but a little help, are the two following radio stations which at least offer some small daily spiritual comfort. Traditional Catholic Radio simply offers spiritual music, sermons and catechism etc. What makes it interesting is that it quite often features Bishop Williamson and pre-resistance Fr Pfeiffer etc. This station regularly offers very interesting talks and should be in the background particularly of any stay-at-home Mom.

The second is actually by SSPX supporters but in most ways is decidedly ‘old-school’ and features interviews with the likes of Frs Peter Scott, Edward Black and Stephen Webber. It offers news as well as interesting interviews. It can be found here.

Networking is vital in our situation and everyone should be able to do a little to help those in the above mentioned situation whether it be a lift, a visit, loaning of literature, recommending websites etc. If we are truly living like aliens as mentioned in the ‘letter to Diognetusthen let us help our fellow aliens as much as we can.

Monday, 9 July 2018

Ireland facing God's wrath?

Sermon by Monsignor Patrick Perez

My dear faithful, it is a very sad week. For those of you who have not heard what happened in Ireland, they had a protection in their constitution which defended the unborn. In the old days they figured this was their safeguard against abortion ever coming into Ireland. Well, they had a referendum and decided by two-thirds majority to change their constitution to allow for the murdering of babies in that formerly Catholic country.

Since this news I’ve been so heartbroken and so furious at the same time. I know this doesn’t amount to much of a sermon but I’ve been so preoccupied with this, I can hardly think of anything else. First of all, heartbroken because I lived in Ireland for five years and I saw in front of my eyes their darned clergy apologizing for the existence and the history of the Church. There’s a common myth amongst the Irish now that the Catholic Church kept them in ignorance and kept them from advancing in the world for many centuries. And the priests were apologizing for keeping them ignorant and for keeping them from progressing into the modern world, when what they were doing was keeping them Catholic at the time.

I saw their clergy and their worthless bishops, the worthless clergy and worthless bishops destroying their Church and I am furious at them. I’m furious at the history of evil and worthless popes that we’ve had since Pius XII. These popes, these modernist so and sos have led the people of Ireland and of the world into the wilderness and there they have starved them to death. And that is what we’ve seen in front of our eyes. If I could have the pope here at this moment I would berate him for the evil, worthless, useless pope that he is, for destroying the Faith.

You know, this referendum happened: where was the pope? Where were the bishops? The pope plans for a visit -after- the referendum, to Ireland. He should have been there before. Had he been a pope like the popes of old, he would have said, I will place your country under interdict if you vote to change your constitution to allow for the killing of babies. That’s what a real pope would do who had guts. These guys have no faith, they have no guts, and they have no ability to lead the Church. They don’t believe in anything but their own modernist heresies and I’m sick to death. Why am I sick to death? You say, well, we have abortion in this country. Ireland was a Catholic(!) country fifty years ago; unquestionably. When I lived in Ireland there were so many pious and good and holy people who thankfully are dead now, thankfully, because they would have died of heartbreak seeing what has happened to their country.

The only age group, not surprisingly, who voted not to change the constitution to kill babies was the 65 and older group because they had some remnants of the Faith that were left to them when their priests and their bishops were Catholic. There’s nothing left. Our Lady of La Salette refers to the annihilation of nations. Ireland is annihilated; Ireland is no more, Ireland has reverted to a land of paganism that, like the Canaanites of old, will soon be murdering their own babies and they are joyful about it! I saw on the internet some of the news reports showing the people dancing in the streets over this wonderful liberation, women with signs, “At last we can do what we want to with our bodies and they’re not telling us anymore”.

Well, there is reason to be heartbroken. I lived for five years there and I can tell you I saw the last light of the sun as it disappeared over the hills. There is nothing left there (Father brought to tears). In 1907, Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson wrote a novel called The Lord of the World. Fascinating book, everybody should read it. It’s a future science fiction dystopia about the antichrist in the Church, and in it in 1907 even then Robert Hugh Benson could not have imagined that Ireland would abandon the faith. So for the whole world Ireland was this one hold-out of Catholicism in the entire globe and look at it now. Look at it now.

So my dear faithful I know by faith that I should accept this as the chastisement of the good God and I’m not angry at God. I’m angry at our worthless, despicable hierarchy and I tell you solemnly you had better pray for our place here and you’d better support us and beg God to spare our little island here because the rest of it is literally going to hell, literally going to hell.

I had a sermon prepared about the Holy Trinity but I’ve been so preoccupied and furious and heartbroken by this turn of events, I couldn’t even do it, I couldn’t think of anything else. But I did want to leave you with one thought because the Trinity is so offended by this. I don’t know if it’s my imagination but I have this premonition that God’s justice will be swift and sure to Ireland. I don’t have anything to go on; I kept on thinking of the three days of darkness and things that might happen but it would certainly be a witness to the world.

Full sermon here

Saturday, 30 June 2018

The SSPX and Ecclesia Dei

Last week Fr Morgan celebrated his thirtieth anniversary as a Priest, congratulations to him from all. One wonders what he thinks of his birthplace and the current trajectory of the SSPX there?

The closing of the Oxford Mass center, (which was founded by Fr Wrighton in the chapel of East Hendred House, home of the Eyston family who are descendants of St Thomas More) is apparently due to a failure to grow!? I thought the SSPX had supplied jurisdiction due to its laity being unprepared to risk their faith by going elsewhere? How can one justify closing a Mass centre that had weekly Mass? 

Easily, when one reads the latest copy of its magazine ‘Ite Missa Est

To quote Fr Brucciani
..”The Ecclesia Dei commission was erected in opposition to the Society and the moment the Society disappears or is neutralised, it will be open season on the Fraternity of St. Peter, the Institute of Christ the King and all the rest. It is indeed a blessing that we have not fallen into Satan's trap of making these communities, who are closest to us, our worst enemies as is often the case for groups who exist on the periphery. They are good and holy people and, for the most part, our differences are not in the domain of faith, but of prudence and fortitude.

Okay, fair enough in part. To demonize those who attend Ecclesia Dei as liberals is not fair. However, historically the SSPX has made it very clear, to its own detriment in the eyes of trad-ecumenists, that one risks his faith by regularly attending these groups without even taking Communicatio in sacris into the equation.

This editorial appears to be part of an ever increasing softness on behalf of the SSPX towards Ecclesia Dei groups whilst hardening towards those who have left the SSPX over such issues. For example, one may recall Fr Brucciani’s comments when laity rightly raised objections regarding the SSPX magazine ‘Flying Squirrel’

Unfortunately, I did not foresee the scurrilous campaign of the dishonourable priests who have the effrontery of calling themselves the "Resistance"

Well thank goodness he did not fall into Satan’s trap of of making these communities, who are closest to us, our worst enemies!!

But then perhaps that is the point. That the new SSPX actually do feel closer to the various Ecclesia Dei groups than the likes of Fr Morgan, Chazal etc. 

Also in the UK, Fr Pazat in Preston decided to use a recent article on liberalism in the traditional movement to say

..So often we see so called Catholic traditional people who do not hesitate to refuse the judgement of our General Superior, because it is not according their opinion, their reason or their perception of the common good.” (Context here)

Whenever I hear SSPX priest's cite obedience in an argument I cringe, as it truly is the one virtue that we cannot use without turning it on ourselves from the viewpoint of a conservative catholic. I have heard that the issue of obedience is now voiced to such an extent in the UK, whether on a retreat or day of recollection etc, that it is almost a caricature. How long before wags start to take bets on how long passes before it is mentioned?!

If the Superior General was consistent there would be no need for such lectures.  See here for Bishop Fellay's latest.

The SSPX is rapidly revising its opposition to Ecclesia Dei. Perhaps this also explains the following change in the well known SSPX published book “Christian Warfare”?

2006 version
Latest version: Spot the difference

(Please note. An earlier version of this post featured a claim by Sean Johnson that an SSPX priest was joining the army as a military chaplain, and therefore compromising regards the novus ordo. Thank goodness he has clarified that the priest is to leave the SSPX before joining. Whilst it is sad to see a priest leave tradition, better that than what was first posited. See here for full article.)

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

The consecrations, Bishop Williamson and the General Chapter.

This week marks the thirtieth anniversary of the consecrations of the four bishops by Archbishop Lefebvre. This ‘operation survival’ continues through the work of Bishop Richard Williamson, who sadly, is the only one of the four who continues to resist modernist Rome under the same principles as the Archbishop.

As Bishop Williamson celebrates his anniversary in America with a biography of himself written by Dr David Allen White, what can we learn from his tenure as a bishop?

I was told in the past that he was never as ‘hard-line’ in many regards as two of his fellow bishops, yet when the tough decision had to be made, to not compromise when it mattered most, he came through in spite of the fact that it had life changing consequences. For who can doubt that he did not foresee ending his time in Broadstairs, away from long time confrères including those he ordained. How it must hurt to see how few of those he taught, had the courage to stand up against discomfort. Many have no wish to hear his name and those who do, now only whisper his name publicly in case overheard and reported. Not only does he have that cross to bear, but even among those aware of Menzingen's treachery, do we find priests who under the guise of asking him ‘to lead’ in practice they wish for a cardboard cut-out bishop who will do their will.
Verbum from 1988 Here

What of his fellow bishops, Fellay aside, how will they celebrate this anniversary? In spite of many previous assertions otherwise, Bishop De Galarreta is now standing side by side with Bishop Fellay. What of poor Bishop Tissier de Mallerais? When one looks at his writing over the years, for example, here, and here, (not forgetting the letter of three Bishops) how can he acquiesce? His part in all this is perhaps hardest to explain as he more than almost anyone would appear least likely to capitulate. Emotionalism? Perhaps. But there is still time. The up-coming general chapter gives those religious an opportunity to once more stand up and refuse to accept that modernist bishops have a ‘right’ to interfere in SSPX weddings, that any deal with Rome must deal with doctrine first and that the SSPX has lost its way and must return to the (true) position of Archbishop Lefebvre.

If we can learn one thing from Bishop Williamson, it is this - that some people have an opportunity in life to be heroic. To make a stand when they have no material or any other gain to be made from it, other than testifying to the truth and by this, witnessing to Almighty God. Let us hope and pray that at the Chapter some may take that opportunity.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

A new game for a new Society

Spot the mantilla!

Written by Tradcatresist

The upcoming priestly ordinations are being advertised and some using this picture from 2017 I believe.

Of course, there are a number of reasons why a large number of laity appear not to believe that head-covering is essential. Some could be extended family (non-trad) members etc etc..

It goes without saying that any sensible experienced traditionalist would know that externals do not necessarily guarantee holiness. Indeed the ‘Mrs Armstrongs' among the laity are one of my pet peeves. However, we now seem to be edging ever-so-slowly to the situation that mentioning such matters immediately result in eye-rolling and tut-tuts about ‘judging’.

It could be too harsh to accuse the SSPX of collapsing on every issue because of its new ‘branding’ campaign but one would have to be blind not to notice that many SSPX websites (and indeed bulletins) regularly contain images of attractive young women, in the obligatory skinny jeans, usually holding pro-life placards. I would posit to anyone not a newbie, could you imagine such pictures on the front of national bulletins/newsletters ten years ago? It appears that these images are included to say “Hey, I’m cool, I’m a hip-chick. You can enjoy the latin mass and still be in-with-the-in-crowd ! There’s no need for long-skirts or mantillas, don’t be too different, join our Instagram group and we can do selfies together!"

There will always be laity on a journey towards the fullness of truth attending mass and I detest the parish police who believe it to be their mission to ‘correct misdemeanors’ of their fellow parishioner. But this is not the same. Throughout its history the SSPX has used its imagery to reflect its values. Pictures of men and women featured, were dressed appropriately for Mass, even if it did not always reflect the reality in every parish. The point was gently made and gently reinforced by the priest when necessary.

Are we now in the situation where the SSPX care more about appearing ‘hip’ than holy? What next? Priests ‘Dad dancing’ at wedding receptions?! Were we fooling ourselves when we thought these things mattered? Were they simply the whims of Bishops Williamson and Tissier De Mallerais and are now no longer reflective of the new, branded SSPX-lite?

Friday, 15 June 2018

Cracks beginning to show before the General Chapter

First we hear that only three seminarians will be ordained in June in Econe (there were seventeen at the beginning in 2012-13). Despite there being candidates, there will be none from either Morgon or Bellaigues. A punishment?
Fr Bauvais

Then we have the quite outstanding document from 'L'encampado' newsletter from the SSPX priory in Marseilles,  where Fr Bauvais is superior.

"Some may think that a canonical recognition could make the voice of Tradition more resonant, the intentions are sincere, but we have seen that this is an illusion ."

Read it here

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Sisters of Our Lady CoRedemptrix Newsletter No3 May 2018

Tradidi have uploaded the latest bulletin from the Sisters but please download the complete pdf for details on how to donate to this worthy cause. I include here the end of the sermon on the occasion of the renewal of vows of Sister Marie Liesse.

Monday, 11 June 2018

Wonderful News from Fr Pivert

Ordination of Brother Marcel of the Cross to the sub-diaconate

Brother Marcel
Brother Marcel of the Cross will be ordained subdeacon by His Exc. Bishop Williamson Sunday, July 15 at 10 am at the priory Notre Dame du Christ Roi, La Villeneuve. The sub-deaconate marks the definitive and irrevocable commitment to the service of the altar by chastity and the recitation of the breviary.

On the same day, the Lord will deliver the religious habit and confer the ecclesiastical tonsure to Alexandre Billaud for our community. Then he will confer the first minor orders, according to Archbishop Lefebvre's desire for the brothers, to Brother Joseph-Athanase.

Original here 

Also more good news from Bishop Aquinas

Dear friends and benefactors:

We are writing you to give you good news: the PRIESTLY ordination of our Brother John Baptist OSB (now deacon), which is going to take place on June 24.

We ask for your prayers for him, so that he may be a holy priest, for the greater glory of God and the salvation of souls.

We also take this opportunity to say that communications with friends and benefactors will no longer be made from this e-mail account, but from the following:

United in prayers,

Renato Müller

Secretary of Bp Thomas Aquinas

Friday, 8 June 2018

In their own words!!!

From their own mouths..

The following is from Fr le Roux (please take note of our italics)

A decisive moment
"In a few words Our Lord Jesus Christ reveals to men the intimate nature of God and our divine adoption: " My Father and your Father" .

However, this vocation can not lead man to free himself from the laws that constrain his nature and ensure his fragile balance. This is how he must respect and submit to the law of the Incarnation, in which God made himself man without losing any of his dignity, so that man can participate in his intimate life, without, however, to emancipate from one's own limits.

This reminder of the human condition is essential because since the original fall, man is constantly attracted by excess. Now, if the infinite of God allows Him to measure nothing for itself, the man, a finite creature, can not be inscribed in excess, without deviating from his nature.

This deviance is particularly evident in periods of crisis, when landmarks fade one after the other and the foundations falter. Gradually blinded and disoriented by the whirlwind of surrounding errors, man is led to judge and to be determined only in terms of the effects of the crisis. Now, since this is only the negation and destruction of order, it can not constitute the basis of a right judgment: it is necessary to return to order. And this return becomes even more imperative when the crisis does not only shake an individual, but calls into question the very foundations of a society.

The history of the Church shows that all religious orders are born of a crisis. But the crisis can not be the DNA of consecrated life: it is only the providential opportunity of their emergence. The essence of order is obviously of a different nature. Thus, no more than the order of St. Dominic is defined by its struggle against the Cathar heresy, the Society of St. Pius X can not be reduced to its essential and necessary struggle against the errors of the present time. If the crisis unfortunately became the only reason for its existence, the Society of St. Pius X would disappear in the short term, without having worked for the establishment of the Kingdom of Christ by the sanctity of priests. For such is the essence of the life of this Priestly Fraternity: the immolation of his priests to the glory of God the Father on the altar of Holy Mass. Regnavit a ligno Deus, God reigns by the Cross as the Vexilla Regis reminds us .

Thus, the more the crisis of the Church intensifies, the more its doctrinal foundations are shaken, the more Satan hopes that man will be fascinated by these unprecedented movements and lose his bearings, the more the Priestly Society of St. Pius X must remain faithful. to his special vocation received from his founder Archbishop Lefebvre: to watch over the sanctity of the priest, man of the Mass and therefore of Calvary. And to claim that the Society of St. Pius X, born of the progressive crisis, must be determined according to the evolution of the latter would be a heavy and fatal mistake.

However, if we observe the wind of panic that may have seized some of us in recent months, a temptation of excess seems to want to settle on the eve of the new elective chapter of our religious society. Everyone gives his opinion, sketches out his plans, prognosticates, criticizes everything, shouts haro on the donkey: would not it be time to return to a little reason?

This excess carries the demonic signature of the egalitarian spirit resulting from the Revolution, where each one stands as a sovereign authority. This crisis of authority is in fact only the fierce refusal of all paternity and particularly of divine paternity. It is also that of the refusal of the necessary rooting of the man, to be dependent and submissive by nature.

It is necessary not to be carried away by this excess and to stay the course in this storm. It is enough to face reality: at a time when the Church and the world are going through a deep and lasting crisis, our young Religious Society has not yet celebrated its fiftieth birthday. Which, for a religious order, corresponds to the age of adolescence; fragile age between all where growth sometimes operates a little messy and generates real imbalances. So do not be surprised by some disharmony but remedy it. And, at the risk of repeating itself, there is no other remedy than to revive the spirit that presided over the foundation of the work.

When the crisis tries to drag us into its whirlwind, we must indeed come out at the top by recourse to principles and especially by respecting the supreme rule of fatherhood, keystone of any society. It is by living as a son, by taking root in the divine paternity that we will work, priests and faithful, each in our place, to the fidelity of the Society of St. Pius X to his vocation.

So let us pray for the priests to take their place, living in obedience without arrogating to themselves powers that do not belong to them, especially that of judging all the hair. On the contrary, they develop an intense priestly life made of fidelity to their life of prayer, renunciation and devotion to souls.

Let us hope that the faithful strengthen their prayer life and do not forget to recite a daily prayer for our next Chapter. May they listen to Our Lady's message to Fatima about the necessary practice of penance by fidelity to the duty of state. They also develop a spirit of dedication to their priests and their parishes.

An Elective Chapter in a religious society is an important moment that can not be treated as a trifecta on which bets are open. This event is solemn for a religious society because it is a special moment of grace during which fidelity to the statutes must be renewed. It must allow a greater union of the members under hierarchical dependence. This is a time when the army is recovering and is back in order of battle to face the battles that await it.
Let us ask now for the grace to avoid excess, invectives, lawsuits of intention and the formation of parties or clans to return simply to fidelity to the rule.
It is a question of resolutely taking part so that the Social Kingdom of Christ is established by the priestly Kingdom of Christ.
We entrust to your ordinary benevolence, and especially to your prayers, our fraternity that we love from a filial heart so that it is wholly dedicated to the service of the kingship of Christ in the Church, in the world and in families and that his Founder, our Father in faith, our venerated Archbishop Lefebvre, the guard.

In Christo priestly and Maria.
Father Yves le Roux

There is so much here that the mind boggles! Firstly, I was always under the assumption that once the crisis was over and Rome returned to tradition, there would no longer be the need for the SSPX. That was certainly the view of the former superior of Ireland -  the view that the SSPX would have 'done their job' and would simply dissolve into a once more truly Rome ruled Church free of conciliar error. The chrism of the SSPX was much more than the 'sanctity of priests'. If that is the totality of its raison d'etre then why not merge with the Institute of Christ the King, who claim that their chrism is the very same thing?  (No doubt with the same end result - ie their seminarians being seen in Florence recently lining up to receive communion at the novus ordo)

The question here is how will SSPX supporters, (priest and layman alike) who maintain that 'nothing has changed' square this circle? 'The Resistance' can hardly be blamed for manipulating these words?

Friday, 1 June 2018

Traditional Catholic Retreat

We are what you once were.
We believe what you once believed.
We worship as you once worshiped.
If we are wrong now, you were wrong then.
If you were right then, we are right now.

Traditional Catholic Retreats.
Womens 11th-16th June
Mens 6th-11th August

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Fr Chazal on Holy Scripture

This video from around 2006 is a catechism class on Holy Scripture from (a then beardless!) Fr Chazal. It featured a lady translating which I have edited out (Original here plus more with translator.) It remains a good example of the great work this priest is doing in missionary territory. To help out please go here -  Fr Chazal 

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

And so the persecution begins..

Punch magazine was infamous among Catholics for its anti-Catholic cartoons. This one from Ireland's Sunday Independent, just two days after the Referendum, would fit right at home in its pages.

...but don't worry because the 'conservative' Primate of all Ireland is right behind us!
see here

Sunday, 27 May 2018


Very good Eleison Comments, whilst focusing predominantly on new laws in England, pertinent to the devastating result in Ireland on Friday.

For those who worked and prayed towards the defence of life over the last number of weeks and months, put yourselves under the protection of the Blessed Mother of God and know that your work at least saved thousands from committing mortal sin on Friday 25th May. For you, here is a beautiful rendition of the Sabat Mater from a choir linked to resistance Priest Fr Stobnicki.
Sabat Mater

Thursday, 24 May 2018

A deserving cause

Nice appeal from resistance laity in Brazil for a chapel.

Monday, 21 May 2018


Revelations (2018)
Fr. Martin Fuchs´s sermon on 13th May 2018, Prague, Czechia 
Original here REX!
Dear faithful!
When we speak about the divine revelation, we mean that God speaks to people. God spoke to Adam and Eve, to Noe and Abraham and to many other people. The universal revelation – destined for all people for their salvation – was made to prophets and the Apostles.
Partly it was recorded in written form. We find this written revelation in the Holy Scriptures. Partly it was handed orally by the Apostles. Saint Thomas Aquinas calls the oral transmission a prophetic tradition. With the death of the last Apostle, St. John, the universal, divine revelation was completed.
The divine revelation consisting of the Holy Scriptures and the oral tradition is also called depositum fidei. This treasure of faith is immutable and contains all the truths that man needs to attain eternal salvation. The Catholic Church passed this treasure on down the centuries.
Saint Thomas Aquinas called this transmission dogmatic or doctrinal tradition.
This distinction between prophetic and doctrinal tradition is very important because nowadays we are taught again and again by various priests and Bishops that “the Holy Ghost blows anywhere he wants“. It must not, however, be misinterpreted. They use this sentence to justify their new doctrine.
Nothing can be added or removed to the treasure of faith (the Holy Scriptures and the oral revelation or the prophetic tradition). The Catholic Church has received the Holy Ghost to keep the divine revelation as it was given and to interpret it correctly.
In addition to this general revelation, we can also see private revelations in the course of the Church History. They had been given in private to some people for their spiritual benefit or for the benefit of the faithful.
Such recipients of private revelations were for instance saint Birgitta, saint Juliana of Liège, saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, saint Hildegard, saint Catherine of Siena, blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich and others.
The ultimate purpose of such revelations is God’s glory.
One day Our Lord spoke the following words to saint Gertrude: “The more I change and multiply the way of giving my gifts, the more I show my wisdom according to the capacity of each person to teach him what I want to teach.“
Private revelations are never given to proclaim a new doctrine.
Another purpose is the glorification of the Catholic Church, as Anne Catharine Emmerich said one day: “The Lord said to me that my visions are not for me but for other people. I have to write them down and pass them to others. It is not the time for miracles. He gives these visions to prove that He will be with His Church to the consummation of the world.“
Private revelations have also special purposes that correspond to the particular needs of the time and the ordinance of the Divine Providence.
a)      The sinners should be startled by the description of the dreadful punitive justice. At the same time those who have good will should be reminded of the mercy and God’s goodness. We can see it beautifully demonstrated by the revelations of saint Birgitta.
b)      Some private revelations are given to invite the faithful to celebrate piously the feasts of the Church. Let’s just think of the revelations to blessed Juliana (Corpus Christi), to saint Margaret Mary Alacoque (The Sacred Heart of Jesus).
c)      Others are given to have a filial worship of the divine Mother, e.g. the revelations to abbess Mary of Agreda.
d)      Still others are meant to sanctify the recipient, e.g. those revelations to saint Philip Neri, to saint Alphonsus Liguori, to saint John Vianney or to saint Bernadette in Lourdes. On the 20th and 23rd February 1858 Our Lady taught the latter a prayer and revealed a secret for her own life. She did not speak of it to anybody. Only a few private revelations are for the whole Church. Those who fight against such revelations are guilty of mortal sins.
There is no special condition required to receive divine revelations. God gives these gifts to people of all ages, to men as well as women.
Father Gravina, however, distinguishes between the gift of prophecy and its use. For the use of the gift, special spiritual dispositions are required, e.g. humility and holiness.
That is why Jesus said:
“I confess to thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them to the little ones.“ (Matthew 11:25)
The state of sanctifying grace is not essential. We have examples in the Holy Scriptures: Balaam, who wanted to curse the Chosen people and the High priest Caiphas, who prophesied:
You know nothing. Neither do you consider that it is expedient for you that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not.“ (John 11:49) These men were in the state of mortal sin.
Usually, however, the gift of revelation – according to saint Thomas Aquinas (II-II q 172 a5) – is only given to those who are in the state of sanctifying grace and have a high degree of perfection and prayer.
Private revelations have not more value than the value of the testimony of the prophet who reports them. This person is never infallible.
There were saints who received revelations that were not fulfilled – for example St. Norbert of Xanten (1226-1234) felt absolutely certain that the Antichrist would appear in his generation… Saint Catherine of Siena believed that Mary had revealed to her that she is not the Immaculate Conception… Saint Vincent Ferrer (1398-1419) preached the last 21 years of his life that the Last Judgment is imminent. He knew that from a revelation and to prove it, he did miracles everywhere. Among many other miracles he raised a woman of death in Salamanca in 1412. She had just been carried to the cemetery and she confirmed his words.
But this authentic prophecy never came true.
God wants us to believe that even a greatest scholar and a saint are fallible. Only the Magisterium of the Church is infallible.
It is true especially when a prophecy comes from a person who is not a saint. At the beginning of the 16th century, a Spanish nun, Magdalena of the Holy Cross, brought the whole country in the state of excitement. She levitated, had ecstasies, the Host lay itself on her tongue, on certain days she had the stigmata, prophesied that Francis I would be beaten in Pavia and much more; everywhere there was a great enthusiasm! People from the whole world came to visit her: priests, Bishops, the emperor, all worshipped her and asked for her advice. One day, Rome sent an apostolic visit to examine the case, and the “Prophetess“, the “saint“, finally confessed that when she was a young shepherdess, she had given her soul to the devil in order to gain power to work “miracles”. This had taken place for 38 years. Even the greatest theologians, Bishops, cardinals and inquisitors fell for it.
Now there are a number of revelations approved by the Church. What shall we think about them?
The Church never obliges anybody to believe in private revelations, given to any person, even if the Church may confirm them.
By this confirmation she simply declares that there is nothing against the Catholic Faith and morals and that everybody can read them without danger. He can read them even with spiritual profit. Visions are not granted for curiosity; their goal is much more precious: The sanctification of a soul and the increase of love for the passion of Jesus Christ.
So we must keep the truths given by the universal revelation till our death. Without this faith we cannot reach Heaven.
“He that believeth and is baptized, shall be saved: but he that believeth not shall be condemned.“ (Mark 16:16)

(Ed Tradcatresist -  This is also a well written article on the same subject here

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The SSPX against intolerence!

You literally could not make this up. Once again the SSPX try to revise its past. As the Non-Possumus introduction makes clear, whom amongst us can not remember seeing books exposing the Synagogue at SSPX chapels? Perhaps Bishop Williamson secretly placed them in their book repositories under cover of darkness? Absolutely pathetic, and another example of 'conflict zone' style pandering to public whims and political correctness.
See full story here

Be sure to follow and read the links.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

News from England and Ireland

Confirmations North of England
On the 12th of May Bishop Williamson conferred the Sacrament of Confirmation on thirteen souls, a few of whom were adult converts. Almost sixty assisted at the ceremony and came from many parts of England to attend.

More pictures here
After lunch, the Bishop gave a conference on ‘The  Importance of the Encyclicals’ which was greatly appreciated by all. He outlined some recent Church history and how liberalism has infected the Church and now the SSPX as well.

The spirit throughout the day and at the dinner on the previous evening, gave a real boost to all those involved in the fight for the Faith.

Abortion Referendum
In Ireland, Resistance laity involved in the campaign to keep one of the most liberal abortion laws imaginable out of Ireland, were encouraged in the fight by the news that both Bishop Richard Williamson and Bishop Thomas Aquinas OSB will be offering the Holy sacrifice of the Mass for the intention of keeping this curse out of Ireland on the 25th of May. Any other like minded priest or bishop who could do the same, the people of Ireland would be extremely grateful.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Self defeating strategy

When I was looking through the Remnant newspaper com-box (and came across the Andrew Senior post concerning Fr Robinson/Wenger etc.) the thing that took me back more than anything was the fear amongst the SSPX laity in speaking out against the changes in the Society. Historically people who supported the SSPX had to be either brave, extremely pious, mad or a combination of a couple of the above.

It seems that these days, along with certainly some of the new priests, we have lambs in the SSPX congregations, rather than lions. Of course it goes without saying that many of the more headstrong were prepared to leave and support the Resistance but I don’t think that explains everything.

In France not only do those opposing the rallliement of the SSPX have the option of the Avrille Dominicans but other religious houses who, to whatever degree, oppose a deal. But in many countries that is not an option. If one refuses to support the Conciliar Church then the SSPX is their only option. Of course, this put the SSPX in a position open to abuse. If one ‘causes trouble’ not only could one and one’s children be ostracised but, if the priest is of ill will, expulsion from the chapel. I do not doubt that this fear is one of the things keeping many laity quiet. Those with children in SSPX schools, are especially prone to the potential of being targetted.

Then we have the ultimate threat, that if a substantial number of people resist change then the SSPX could ‘pull out’ of a Mass centre leaving the laity as ‘orphans’.

I heard about this late last year and the situation is quite interesting on a number of levels. Firstly, the situation had nothing to do with the resistance as such. I gather from the blog that the operator would be happy enough with an SSPX/Rome accord. However, there are a couple of things which need highlighting. Firstly, once again the centralizing of Mass centres where a priest could not be expected to travel two hours for 40-50 people but 40-50 people should be expected to travel two hours to the next closest Mass centre! This is something that Fr Pfeiffer rightly pointed out in the early days of the resistance, that saying three Masses on a Sunday is now considered too much for a Society priest nowadays. (Tell that to Bp Zendejas whose Sundays seem to resemble the travels of Phileas Fog!).

There is also some financial stuff which needs answering, but the most interesting point is what the SSPX priest said before he left. Now the reason why the SSPX is able to hold power over its laity is simple. “You have nowhere else to go, so pray and obey”. However, the trajectory in the Society is now one of sympathy with the varying Ecclesia Dei groupings. One has only to read some of the SSPX national sites, particularly Germany, to witness this. But this is a self defeating strategy. See here from the above Okie Traditionalist site

For a while now I have wondered for how long the SSPX could continue to impress upon its laity the need to avoid the Ecclesia Dei groupings. The difference between the two now are so minimal they are barely noticeable. (The SSPX now even have a more modern Easter liturgy!) The major difference has always been the restrictions placed on Ecclesia Dei groupings to tell the whole truth unhindered. Is that what SSPX priests of good will are able to do now? Really? I know of a number who have been moved because they have not tailored their sermons enough for the new regime.

The more the SSPX turn their back on their past, the more their laity will look enviously at what the local Christ the King Institute or FSSP parish has going for them.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Latest scandal from Rome


 Follow the link above to read the disgusting details of the Met fashion show which featured items on show provided willingly by Rome including a tiara that was a gift that Queen Elizabeth of Spain made for Pope Pius IX, who used it for the Christmas Mass in 1854. Also a huge white papal blanket that was originally made for Pope Benedict XIV in the eighteenth century.

Here even the most liberal of celebrity commentators, Piers Morgan, finds it too much to stomach. Also see  here for a video on one of those attending and her visit to Rome