Monday, 23 October 2017

A lesson from the Book of Judges

Whilst there have been a number of ‘ups’ during the last couple of years for those resisting the trajectory of the SSPX towards a deal with Rome, only the delusional would deny that there have been as many ‘downs.’
The Consecrations of Bishop Thomas Aquinas and Bishop Zendejas, the Ordination of Fr John, the slow but steady stable beginnings of the French Seminary, a trickle of brave Priests leaving the neo-SSPX to help those who refuse to accept a deal with a Rome that is becoming more scandalous by the week has been tempered by Priest’s becoming dogmatic about things unnecessarily (‘red lighting’, Una Cum etc) and laity begin to lose heart and either splinter off into factions or return, disillusioned, into the welcoming arms of the SSPX.
Sadly one of the most depressing things about the latter problem is that so often the reasons for leaving are not over doctrine but personal issues. Laity often bicker over matters that need not be reason to fall out never mind leave over. There is little doubt that the resistance movement attracted a number of people to its ranks that were/are bull-headed and often unstable. However, one has to remember that it was probably the same bull-headedness and lack of concern for their reputation which enabled them to leave the comfort of the SSPX and life-long friendships for the sake of principle in the first place.
In some countries laity have left over an apparent lack of interest in their families by the Priests that serve them or due to personality clashes with the clerics. However, anyone who has been involved with the SSPX for any substantial period (for example over ten years) will surely recognise that this is not a problem that began with the resistance? In any case, if our support is based predominantly on the personality of the Priest then surely we should recognise that we are heading for the sort of trouble which can be witnessed in some of the splinter groups where common-sense seems lost.
However we can take heart that in the early days of the SSPX, these and many more serious problems were conquered, and whilst one does not have to agree with his position on everything these words of Fr Wathen help us recognise the moment we are living in. May God bless you and keep you throughout the next year. (Signed Tradcatresist).
The Lord Jesus and His Holy Church have three sets of enemies, and who is to say which of them hurts Him more? There are the Liberals, who worship man; there are the “conservatives,” who worship the Pope; and there are the Traditionalist priests and bishops who worship themselves. It may well be that the lord says what he said in the Garden of Gethsemane. “And I looked for the one that would grieve together with me, but there was none: and for one that would comfort me I found none.” (Ps. 68:21).
The omens of the future are dismal indeed. A most common question is this: Since the Popes continue to make their own kind bishops and cardinals, from among whom will come another anti-Catholic Pope, how can it ever happen that the Church will be restored? We may conclude that the victory is theirs; they are invincible.
For which reason we quote from the book of judges. You observe the main points of the story was that the lord God redeemed a hopeless situation , and that with most worthless instruments, such soldiers as would have been useless in combat. There were many thousands of Madianites, and Gedeon had his numbers. Whereas the usual complaint is that the hero of the story has too few with which to meet his foe, in this story, the problem is the reverse: In the eyes of the Lord, he has too many. Those whom the Lord chose for Gedeon’s army were the worst of the lot, “country bumpkins,” three hundred in all to deal with many thousands; all others were sent home.
We Traditionalist priests should recognise that we are like Gedeon’s men, undisciplined ruffians. By now, the conceit and temerity of Traditionalist priests are proverbial. We have all had time by now to recognise that our Lord has selected the very worst He has for his army of scrubs, so that the whole world may behold a great victory. And it will not be due to anything this tiny band of ill-lettered swellheads does which will decide anything. The lord Jesus means to make a gift to His most holy Mother, who alone has always pleased him; her also, because His enemies resent her so, she being most exactly the opposite of them, with their stiff-neckedness and falseness and impurity.
How the great God will achieve His victory we may only wait and pray to see. But to suggest that He may find Himself with an insoluble problem, or that He needs any one of us to save His Church for Him is to jejune a thought to utter. Gedeon’s victory was easy; so shall that of our strong God be: easy, quick and effortless. Before his enemies realise what is happening to their paltry empire, with its paper prisons and guns that go “pop!”, it will all be a pile of rubble. And his Church will rise from the dead, resplendent and newly young.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Fr Paul Morgan gives retreat for SAJM seminarians.

For those who believe that a Priest must make a public declaration for them to be to be considered 'resistance enough' for their taste, who was the retreat master for Bishop Faure's seminarians last week?