Tuesday, 5 September 2017

 The Capuchins of Morgon and their resistance to a deal

.." we can not – non possumus – enter into a canonical structure submitting us to a modernist authority. We do not say this against our friends who feel they can enter. But we say that because it is our duty.

  • It is our duty first of all towards our Lord and His holy Church; we have no right to expose ourselves to making peace with those who betray them.

  • It is our duty then for ourselves, because we have our soul to save, and can not be saved without integrity.

  • It is our duty to the brothers who have entered our community.  They entered to become saints in the school of St. Francis. However, the first condition of holiness is orthodoxy, which is placed in a near peril by a canonical solution.

  • It is our duty to our Poor Clares. They trusted us by settling with us, depending on our community for the sacraments and chaplaincy. We can not deceive them and put them in an inextricable situation.

  • It is our duty with regard to our tertiaries. They have to struggle hard in this world.  They too have trusted us to support them in this tough fight.

  • Finally, it is our duty to the faithful to use our ministry.  We do not have the right to drive them slowly to the poisoned pastures of Vatican II.

We know that some of those who have trusted us would like that we followed the movement and entered into the canonical structure, if Rome would grant the concession. Formerly, these dear friends thought as we did; we regret that they have changed. But we do not want them at all; we understand that the situation is very delicate and it is really not easy to see clearly. May these pages which have preceded have brought them some light. In any case, we pray for them. But we also pray for ourselves: “Watch and pray, divine Master, that you may not enter into temptation; for the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”..

To read the full 100 page document against a canonical deal  please go here 

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