Thursday, 27 July 2017

Bishop Zendejas on Catholic Marriage

A good talk by Bishop (then Father) Zendejas from some years ago.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Why not believe Archbishop Lefebvre?

A good article (forgive the google translation!) from Syllabus website ( on the Muller/Fellay fiasco.
Not to think that Msgr. Fellay has bad intentions, we say simply that seems to be a man driven by emotions, impressions, "what people say" ultimately illusion. See, what he said just four months ago (sermon here ):
" And there 's also something very interesting. Since, we can say two years and something, there is a very important not at all change, but in the Congregation of faith . This congregation of faith is with which we speak. And  now tell us "You are not obliged to accept religious freedom, ecumenism, the New Mass; you can maintain your position because these points the council are not so important that whoever rejects not be Catholic. You may not agree with the council and remain Catholic. " This is very important, so far you have always said "you need to accept everything." And in recent years, in the discussions we have had with the bishops sent by Rome, they have told us "these questions are open questions".

You should ask: why have they changed? I give my opinion: I think the reason for this change in attitude comes from the seriousness of the current situation of the Church. It is a contrast. So  we are treated in a better way because the Church is wrong . See bad things in the Church. And they are forced to recognize what we do and do not like them, but that is not the same level as what we stand for us is Catholic.
For example,  the last time I met Cardinal Müller, who is the Prefect of the Commission on Faith, told me "we-commission of faith we hope you enter the Church- and we are of the Church - we are waiting for us to help us fight the modernists ".  They are very upset with all the heresies that happen now look at us as an aid to combat these heresies ". 
The Muller letter...
Ten days ago, the news (was known Source ):
Two events marked the beginning of summer in Rome: a letter from Cardinal Gerhard Müller to Monsignor Bernard Fellay and his replacement as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) by Archbishop Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer.

On June 26, 2017, Müller again imposed the Doctrinal Statement 2012
On June 26, 2017, Monsignor Bernard Fellay, superior general of the SSPX, he received a letter from Cardinal Gerhard Müller, Prefect of the  Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith , dated January 6, this year, in which the German prelate - with the approval of Pope Francisco - spelled out the conditions for a doctrinal statement, an indispensable prerequisite for any kind of canonical recognition of the Fraternity. The conditions are three:
" 1)  it is necessary to require FSSPX members adhere to the new formula  Professio fidei  1988. It is therefore no longer sufficient to pronounce the  Professio fidei  1962.
2)  The new text of the Doctrinal Declaration should include a paragraph in which the signatories explicitly declare their acceptance of the teachings of the Second Vatican Council and those of the post-conciliar period by giving these doctrinal statements the degree of adherence to them it is due.
3)  The members of the SSPX must not only recognize the validity, but also the legitimacy of the rite of Holy Mass and the sacraments, according to the liturgical books promulgated after the Second Vatican Council. "
On June 30, Bishop Fellay sent this letter to all the priests of the Fraternity, with the remark: "We are again in a similar situation in 2012. Although Monsignor Pozzo, Secretary of the  Commission  Ecclesia Dei , employed a very different language last March compared to the criterion of catholicity that we would be required. "
Later, he recalled his statement given at the end of the meeting with the major superiors of the Fraternity in Anzère, Switzerland, on June 28, 2016:
The Priestly Society of Saint Pius X does not seek above all canonical recognition, you are entitled because he is Catholic. The solution is not simply legal. Depends on a doctrinal issue that is essential to express ... Divine Providence does not abandon his Church, which the Pope - Vicar of Christ - is your head. That is why an unquestionable sign of this restoration is the express wish of the Supreme Pontiff to grant the means with which to restore order priesthood, faith and tradition, which is also the guarantee of the necessary unity of the family Tradition. 
This letter from Cardinal Müller is no surprise to those who have closely followed the complicated relations between the fraternity and Rome. From October 8, 2016, during a given Port-Marly, France conference, Bishop Fellay emphasized the contradiction between comments made by Cardinal Müller and Monsignor Pozzo:
Suddenly they tell us that the content of the Council is not dogmatic, in other words, none of the statements is required to be Catholic, according to Monsignor Pozzo. What signifca this? 'They are not obliged to agree to be Catholic .'... In fact, Monsignor Pozzo gave several interviews about it. I made mention of April (La Croix, April 7 2016), then came the interviews July (Zenit, July 4 Christ und Welt 2016, July, 28, 2016). Between these two dates in June, his superior, Cardinal Müller said otherwise (Herder Korrespondenz, June, 2016) ... The Cardinal Müller pressed the issue, saying, 'No, the Brotherhood must accept the Council! ' He even spoke on accession unrestricted ecumenism. But not only that ... talk about the liturgy, on religious freedom. And then in July, his subordinate repeats otherwise. What confusion! Who should we believe? 

According to these latest statements quoted Msgr. Fellay, confused, does not know who to believe. Why do not you try to believe Msgr. Lefebvre, who said to remain Catholic one had to be separated from the Conciliar Church?

Thursday, 13 July 2017