Friday, 26 May 2017

Photos from the Consecration of Bishop Zendejas

Nice selection of photgraphs from the Consecration and the Pontifical Mass.
Many thanks to the photographer for making these available.

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Thursday, 11 May 2017

The stuff of nightmares

A hilarious skit on the SSPX marriage farce by the Remnant newspaper!

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Seven signatories have been relieved of their positions!

More incredible news in France..

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

French SSPX at war! Reply to the seven Deans

The District Superior, Father Christian BOUCHACOURT  responds to the 7 French SSPX Priors:

 + May 7, 2017
  To all the priests of the district of France

 Subject: Marriage FSSPX.

 Dear Colleagues,

 This morning you had to receive or read on the internet a statement signed by seven priors and the superiors of the Capuchins, Benedictines and Fathers of Mérigny.

 I totally and firmly condemn and reject the subversive manner in which this statement has been spread.  Prepared in secret, among selected brethren, in order to surprise, to destabilize and to put the superiors before the fact already consummated, this one takes to the faithful like hostages and constitutes them judges of the priests and superiors.

 The authors of this statement want to precipitate, as the only just and possible, their interpretation of the letter of Cardinal Müller on our marriages.  Persuaded that they are right, they were not prudent to submit their text to their superiors.  They regard their appreciation as the only true one, which must be imposed by all means, even the least legitimate.

 God can not bless such an initiative whose deadly fruits are manifested from now on: internal quarrels and additional divisions within and between our communities.  The faithful are the first to suffer it.  How can vocations germinate and develop in a religious family that is torn apart?

 It is up to each of us to confront this new test that runs through our district, rejecting   All cooperation to the diffusion of this comment, to have it for nothing and despise it as insignificant and good thing to be discarded.

 For some days, I asked the brethren theologians to prepare a text giving the clarifications on the letter of Cardinal Müller.  Having received the endorsement of the General House, I hereby inform you with the present.. (To follow)  I entrust to your prayers, dear Brotherhoods, our district that must face a new storm that arose unfortunately in our ranks.  May Our Lord and Our Lady help us to rediscover our unity in truth and charity for the good of our souls and that of the faithful who are entrusted to us.

 Father Christian BOUCHACOURT

Monday, 8 May 2017

Letter from the French superiors

There are rumours circulating that Rome may renege on a deal with the SSPX due to the belief that Menzingen have failed to convince its french clerics and laymen. Who knows if this is true? We will have to see. The letter below I think sums up the mindset of the majority of senior french Priests. How sad that other Priests did not stand up and say NO before things got so far.. Should a deal be made, which way will these Priests go?

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Fr. PHILIPPE FRANÇOIS, SSPX, speaks out against a deal

We present to you the transcript of the sermon given by Fr Philippe François, at the feast of Easter 2017, on April 16, at the Monastery of Trévoux.  The Father exercises the function of chaplain of the Little Sisters of St Francis. (Apologies for google translate errors)