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The pacifistic lie of the modernists, by Rev Fr Michel

Recently I was reminded of the announcement that the new, 're-branded' Angelus magazine would "avoid polemics" The following reminds us of its importance.

Rev Fr Michel was an educator of children in a large Catholic college in Beziers, France. Unable to bear the ravages caused by the second Vatican Council, he was forced, to his great chagrin, to leave his Congregation in order to be able to continue saying the Mass of all time. 
In 1978, broken by sadness, death took him on the very grave of his parents, where he stopped on his way to Fanjeaux after having accepted to be the chaplain of the Dominican Teaching Sisters founded by Mother Ann Maries Simoulin, R.I.P

"They have been so polite, so "respectful of style", that they ended up imposing their "content ", in other words, their errors. Which is better? To respect content or to respect style? Or, to put it bluntly, is it better to insult a "merchant of error or lies" or politely say to him that "one makes reservations on one's merchandise"?
A polite answer may not convince those who hear it and may leave the erroneous merchant to his customers. An insult can "open the eyes" of some uninformed ... And when we say insult, we do not say "rudeness" but "invectives", of the kind that Jesus used in his public life. When Jesus treats the Pharisees as "whitened sepulchres," he certainly insults them more than if we were to call them todays scoundrels or "bastards." In doing so, perhaps he wished to set an example to follow ... No doubt he wanted to recall with some force what we would one day tend to forget: that content comes before style, that the exterior respect of persons must not pass before the superior respect of the Truth which is the supreme respect of all persons, including that of the Incarnate Word who one day took the trouble of dying in order to bring us the Truth .
And what about "polemics"? ...
They are no longer welcome. That's well known.  For years now we claim to have banished them from our speeches, our exchanges, our religious journals, our sermons, our teaching. A more spiritual, more elaborate form of "pacifism". " No polemics " ...
But woe is he who dares to think (expressing it in words) other than we do..  You can express (so they say) a different opinion than ours, but "no polemics". You can try (they say) to demonstrate that you are right and we are wrong...but ... no polemics.
But what are polemics anyway?
Nobody wants to say it. No one (perhaps) knows anything about it. What they do know, or what they mean, is that there must be none. And this is very convenient , because it will allow, for a long time, to be able to kill without receiving blows ... To be able to smother the souls under the error without hearing the scream of their victims . We have been told, "No polemics." Defend yourself, but do not strike, but do not shout, but do not move. And especially no weapons at home. "No polemics".
And to think that, after truth itself, there is nothing more beautiful in the world than polemics. This spiritual struggle against error and falsehood with the only weapons of the spirit but the gift of all its being ... "Fight for the Truth, with all its soul."
Jesus incarnated to inaugurate the Christian "polemic" against the world and against Satan. Saint Paul first patron of the polemicists: " Argue, obsecra, increpa " (reprove, entreat, rebuke). "I fought the good fight."
But polemics divides souls!
No, sir, it is not the fight that divides. If we were not already divided, we would not fight. And when one is divided, it remains only to fight ... Or to pretend to be in agreement ... Even to be hit from behind at the first opportunity ... and "without polemics"!
In the end the polemic is ultimately the only way to know where the division is, between who and why. And the frank, open struggle is much better than subversion .
There are those today who cry after peace and against war, and who will not cease to have set up against each other all the inhabitants of the planet. They do not want war but revolution. They do not want us to fight for ideas, but only to suppress all those who still oppose their ideology (so timidly) ... Let us flatten everything; but let there be no war.
And the good souls, the people who have been taught to respect "style", parrot, one louder than the next: let there be no war... Until they die of it, they and their children.
Rev Fr Michel , priest of the Congregation of the Sacred Heart
Sources : LAB of the Saint-Bernard de Bailly School of October 2014 / Le Sainte Anne n ° 191 of September 2007
Rev Fr Michel Profession of Faith - 
 " Since my baptism on January 2, 1921, I have always been a submissive son of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, and I want to die as I lived, in the unchanged faith of my parents, whom I have always believed and professed , In words and deeds.
I make a particular profession of loyal and entire obedience to the Sovereign Pontiff , in the exercise of his infallible Magisterium, and in the unconditional fidelity to the Tradition, which he has been given to preserve, defend, explain and transmit .
Consequently , I reject and consider null all the reforms and novelties stemming from the spirit of the world, infiltrated in the Church, from some artifice of right that they cover themselves with whatever authority they claim .
I want to die in the faith of Nicea, in the Communion of all the Holy Pontiffs, martyrs and confessors, who have professed it to this day, in the practice of the seven sacraments, as it was definitely fixed by the Canons of the Council of Trent.
Notably with regard to the Holy Mass , which I wish to celebrate, as long as it pleases God, in the Millennial Rite of the Gregorian and Latin Tradition, definitively canonized by Saint Pius V.
I reject all falsehoods, hypocrisies, accomodations, alterations and subterfuges of texts and of Law, the omissions and falsifications of Holy Scripture, and all the impostures and abuses of power which have been pretended to be imposed on priests and Name of "post-conciliar orientations"
All that is left for me to do is to turn to the Lord Jesus, who will rise one day to judge the world; To entrust to him that soul which he has made in his image, and redone in the Precious Blood which flows every morning from my priestly chalice ; To implore, once again, his mercy for my "innumerable sins and negligences."
Sustained and strengthened by the maternal protection of her who kept my childish heart, and never permitted it to be to another. Amen"
Jacques MICHEL, SCJ, this 29 July 1977

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Rome and SSPX Marriages

When many members of the laity walked away from the SSPX around 2012 to support Resistant Priests, those they left behind ( both lay and Cleric) argued that this was an ‘overreaction’.  They argued that there was to be no deal. They argued that we were ‘jumping the gun’ and that should a deal ever happen then they (layman and Priest alike) would also walk away from the SSPX
Those that argue that they would never be softened by the ‘New-sspx’ should ask themselves after reading the links below– “Do I still hold that position?” If the SSPX signed a deal tomorrow with modernist Rome would I still leave to build an alternative to this new 'Ecclesia Dei SSPX-Lite'?
Read the following and ask yourself “Have my views been softened since 2012 and if I have the courage to make a stand?”

Original SSPX article here-

Interesting article in reaction here -

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Regularization and the Total Vindication of Archbishop Lefebvre

"On the other hand, a Vatican-led co-opting of the Catholic counterrevolution’s largest priestly fraternity on the very eve of the establishment of a Godless New World Order may be anything but God’s will. Any student of human nature will no doubt find it difficult to comprehend why modernists inside the Vatican would desire to approve a worldwide order of traditionalist priests who will then go on vigorously opposing the Vatican's own agenda throughout the world. This seems counterintuitive on their part, to say the least, and it leaves many of us asking: Why do it, unless the Vatican’s intentions are less than noble.."

.." We must remember that the Vatican achieved astonishing success undermining the Church, even when the Traditional Latin Mass was the ONLY Mass in the Roman Rite fifty years ago. They know how to get around the old Mass, they’ve proven that already. What they seem most concerned about now is principled, organized and public resistance to their agenda. They will give us the Mass so long as we shut our mouths and set aside vigorous counterrevolution"