Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Gradual Changes

A recent Eleison Comments touches on the gradual changes witnessed on a micro level at SSPX chapels. This is something that we are hearing more and more about. Yet it should not be surprising. Many of the radical thinkers left along with the Resistance and some, though not all, were happy to see them leave. Obviously this left a vacuum to be filled by ‘Indult minded’ laity and this is where we are now -  many SSPX chapels being indistinguishable from an Indult Parish.
EC here

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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Meditations on the Rosary

Fr Angelico of the Dominicans of Avrille was kind enough to distribute the following meditations. We have formatted them, converted it into a downloadable pdf for easy printing and added the Litany of Humility ourselves. Please make use of them this Lent.

Who is the true follower of Archbishop Lefebvre?

Please watch these two videos. The first is Conflict Zone, where a hostile journalist attacks a cringe inducing Bishop Fellay about his beliefs. Compare this with the latter interview with Bishop Williamson (by an admittedly friendly journalist who is very obviously naive about Church issues) where the Bishop gives very different answers to similar questions asked of Bishop Fellay. Who is the true follower of Archbishop Lefebvre?

Conflict Zone

Bishop Williamson

Monday, 20 March 2017

Father Patrick de la Rocque on a proposed deal.

As a result, without venturing into satire, it would be indispensable to question Pope Francis on the content of his Faith, before even considering if a canonical recognition were opportune or prudent. Because the Divine Will cannot require us to place our eternal salvation in the hands of someone who does not profess the Catholic Faith. To establish legal unity without real unity would, incidentally, be contradictory. This is undoubtedly what Archbishop Lefebvre had in mind when he said in Fideliter magazine after the 1988 episcopal consecrations: “If I live a little longer and, supposing that in some time from now Rome calls me, [..] I would raise the question to the doctrinal level: 'Are you in agreement with the great encyclicals of all the Popes who have preceded you? Are you in agreement with Quanta Cura of Pius IX, Immortale Dei and Libertas of Leo XIII, Pascendi of Pius X, Quas Primas of Pius XI, Humani Generis of Pius XII? Are you in full communion with these Popes and with their affirmations?' [...] The positions would thus be clearer”. 

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Magnificat Media call it right again.

Francis is simply bringing to its logical conclusion the revolutionary concepts brought into the Church at the Second Vatican Council. He is simply following in the footsteps of his immediate predecessors, both of whom promoted ecumenism and indifferentism during their Pontificates. The only difference is that Francis has his foot all the way down on the accelerator and the car is going 88mph instead of 55. The only question that remains now is: Who will rebuke Peter to his face and speak against this abominable event? Will a Traditional Bishop stand up for the rights of God and condemn this odious act? Or will Tradition remain silent, under the claim of being prudent?”


Sunday, 12 March 2017

Wonderful News

I had not planned to post over Lent, but the wonderful news is that Fr Gerardo Zendejas will become the third Bishop Consecrated by H.E Bishop Richard Williamson on May 11th.
To learn more about the thinking of Fr Zendejas please download the zip file below for a compilation of his sermons.