Saturday, 23 December 2017

New Resistance Newsletter!

One thing that I have learned over the last number of years is the incredible disadvantage one has regards the SSPX crisis if one is without the internet. I have regularly been asked by resistance sympathizers within the SSPX for printouts or periodicals explaining the machinations of Menzingen because they are not internet savvy.

Therefore we welcome a small initiative by some attendees of the recent Fatima Pilgrimage to produce a quarterly newsletter (Auxilium Christianorum) as a way to keep in touch and promote the work of the Resistance. Let us hope for its success.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

The Capuchin order and the Rome/SSPX deal

Fr Chazal discusses the book distributed by the Traditional Capuchin Order opposing a deal with Rome, in an informal setting.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Stay With the SSPX or Leave?

 "For the bishop as well as for the priest, there is first of all the question of the teaching of the Faith, which is the most important aspect of his ministry: if it is no longer possible for him to warn the faithful that the superior is in the process of betraying the fight for the Faith, and if such a speaking out would spark his own dismissal, the primary mission of the bishop and of the priest can no longer be freely accomplished, and so that would be the sign that God obliges this bishop or priest to no longer remain in such a work.."

More here

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Superb article by Fr Chazal on SSPX Marriage contradictions.

.." The confusion is such that the confessionals of the SSPX should be provided with these three indicators: a green light to indicate that the priest has recourse to the good old jurisdiction of locum; the orange light to signify that he does not know, that he does not want to know or does not want you to know; and a red light, consistent with Menzingen's recent guidelines to certify that his jurisdiction comes from the diocese and Pope Francis.."

Taken from

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Cardinal Burke and the SSPX


 "The awakening is brutal for the supporters of a "non-doctrinal" agreement with Rome and the conclusion is inevitable: "do not come to us with stories, pretending that the conservative prelates count on us to fight against modernism . "

Read full text here-

Monday, 23 October 2017

A lesson from the Book of Judges

Whilst there have been a number of ‘ups’ during the last couple of years for those resisting the trajectory of the SSPX towards a deal with Rome, only the delusional would deny that there have been as many ‘downs.’
The Consecrations of Bishop Thomas Aquinas and Bishop Zendejas, the Ordination of Fr John, the slow but steady stable beginnings of the French Seminary, a trickle of brave Priests leaving the neo-SSPX to help those who refuse to accept a deal with a Rome that is becoming more scandalous by the week has been tempered by Priest’s becoming dogmatic about things unnecessarily (‘red lighting’, Una Cum etc) and laity begin to lose heart and either splinter off into factions or return, disillusioned, into the welcoming arms of the SSPX.
Sadly one of the most depressing things about the latter problem is that so often the reasons for leaving are not over doctrine but personal issues. Laity often bicker over matters that need not be reason to fall out never mind leave over. There is little doubt that the resistance movement attracted a number of people to its ranks that were/are bull-headed and often unstable. However, one has to remember that it was probably the same bull-headedness and lack of concern for their reputation which enabled them to leave the comfort of the SSPX and life-long friendships for the sake of principle in the first place.
In some countries laity have left over an apparent lack of interest in their families by the Priests that serve them or due to personality clashes with the clerics. However, anyone who has been involved with the SSPX for any substantial period (for example over ten years) will surely recognise that this is not a problem that began with the resistance? In any case, if our support is based predominantly on the personality of the Priest then surely we should recognise that we are heading for the sort of trouble which can be witnessed in some of the splinter groups where common-sense seems lost.
However we can take heart that in the early days of the SSPX, these and many more serious problems were conquered, and whilst one does not have to agree with his position on everything these words of Fr Wathen help us recognise the moment we are living in. May God bless you and keep you throughout the next year. (Signed Tradcatresist).
The Lord Jesus and His Holy Church have three sets of enemies, and who is to say which of them hurts Him more? There are the Liberals, who worship man; there are the “conservatives,” who worship the Pope; and there are the Traditionalist priests and bishops who worship themselves. It may well be that the lord says what he said in the Garden of Gethsemane. “And I looked for the one that would grieve together with me, but there was none: and for one that would comfort me I found none.” (Ps. 68:21).
The omens of the future are dismal indeed. A most common question is this: Since the Popes continue to make their own kind bishops and cardinals, from among whom will come another anti-Catholic Pope, how can it ever happen that the Church will be restored? We may conclude that the victory is theirs; they are invincible.
For which reason we quote from the book of judges. You observe the main points of the story was that the lord God redeemed a hopeless situation , and that with most worthless instruments, such soldiers as would have been useless in combat. There were many thousands of Madianites, and Gedeon had his numbers. Whereas the usual complaint is that the hero of the story has too few with which to meet his foe, in this story, the problem is the reverse: In the eyes of the Lord, he has too many. Those whom the Lord chose for Gedeon’s army were the worst of the lot, “country bumpkins,” three hundred in all to deal with many thousands; all others were sent home.
We Traditionalist priests should recognise that we are like Gedeon’s men, undisciplined ruffians. By now, the conceit and temerity of Traditionalist priests are proverbial. We have all had time by now to recognise that our Lord has selected the very worst He has for his army of scrubs, so that the whole world may behold a great victory. And it will not be due to anything this tiny band of ill-lettered swellheads does which will decide anything. The lord Jesus means to make a gift to His most holy Mother, who alone has always pleased him; her also, because His enemies resent her so, she being most exactly the opposite of them, with their stiff-neckedness and falseness and impurity.
How the great God will achieve His victory we may only wait and pray to see. But to suggest that He may find Himself with an insoluble problem, or that He needs any one of us to save His Church for Him is to jejune a thought to utter. Gedeon’s victory was easy; so shall that of our strong God be: easy, quick and effortless. Before his enemies realise what is happening to their paltry empire, with its paper prisons and guns that go “pop!”, it will all be a pile of rubble. And his Church will rise from the dead, resplendent and newly young.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Fr Paul Morgan gives retreat for SAJM seminarians.

For those who believe that a Priest must make a public declaration for them to be to be considered 'resistance enough' for their taste, who was the retreat master for Bishop Faure's seminarians last week?

Sunday, 24 September 2017

The Capuchins of Morgon

From here

Is the SSPX a cult?

Excellent as always from Psalm 129..
" While many who converted to Tradition had to go through the grueling process of reading, thinking, praying and questioning, many of those raised in the SSPX have done nothing of the sort. They simply don’t possess the critical thinking skills to “test all things” SSPX Superiors have said and done. And even among those who did some intellectual heavy lifting to come to the SSPX, many have checked out mentally, simply opting to go with whatever the SSPX decides. The long trek to Tradition was enough for them. To imagine that anything could go wrong in Tradition is a step too far, and not something they can or want to reflect on."

Rest here..

Archbishop Lefebvre in English

Nice lectures from Ridgefield

Saturday, 23 September 2017

"no-one is coming to save us.."

An interesting number of tweets from Hilary White on Cardinal Burke's inconsistancy on Pope Francis. Yet the SSPX continues to believe he is their great white hope.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Dr White conference

Wonderful three part lecture on Gerard Manley Hopkins. Great quality video too. This excellent site also features a number of excellent Bishop Williamson sermons previously unreleased.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

 The Capuchins of Morgon and their resistance to a deal

.." we can not – non possumus – enter into a canonical structure submitting us to a modernist authority. We do not say this against our friends who feel they can enter. But we say that because it is our duty.

  • It is our duty first of all towards our Lord and His holy Church; we have no right to expose ourselves to making peace with those who betray them.

  • It is our duty then for ourselves, because we have our soul to save, and can not be saved without integrity.

  • It is our duty to the brothers who have entered our community.  They entered to become saints in the school of St. Francis. However, the first condition of holiness is orthodoxy, which is placed in a near peril by a canonical solution.

  • It is our duty to our Poor Clares. They trusted us by settling with us, depending on our community for the sacraments and chaplaincy. We can not deceive them and put them in an inextricable situation.

  • It is our duty with regard to our tertiaries. They have to struggle hard in this world.  They too have trusted us to support them in this tough fight.

  • Finally, it is our duty to the faithful to use our ministry.  We do not have the right to drive them slowly to the poisoned pastures of Vatican II.

We know that some of those who have trusted us would like that we followed the movement and entered into the canonical structure, if Rome would grant the concession. Formerly, these dear friends thought as we did; we regret that they have changed. But we do not want them at all; we understand that the situation is very delicate and it is really not easy to see clearly. May these pages which have preceded have brought them some light. In any case, we pray for them. But we also pray for ourselves: “Watch and pray, divine Master, that you may not enter into temptation; for the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”..

To read the full 100 page document against a canonical deal  please go here 

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Fr Morgan escapes the Titanic

Image result for fr morgan sspxThe news that Fr Paul Morgan has eventually decided that “enough is enough” is music to the ears of many. A highly respected priest amongst his peers it is hoped that his courageous move may encourage others who have the same concerns. 

His move to (at present) the traditional capuchins means that the two most senior English SSPX Priest’s (along with Fr King, and not forgetting H.E Bishop Williamson) have shown enormous courage by not allowing themselves to think of their own comforts over truth.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Bishop Williamson three part conference.

This really is an excellent conference from 2013 so it is a great reminder of the early days of the emerging resistance to Menzingen.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Remnant not 're-branded' yet

Following an excellent article by Hilary White on the demographic decline of Italy, the comments box included an 'advert' for Post Falls/St Marys. The response by the Remnant Moderator is telling ie that the Remnant are not prepared to blithely accept the propaganda that all is well within the SSPX.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Bishop Zendejas on Catholic Marriage

A good talk by Bishop (then Father) Zendejas from some years ago.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Why not believe Archbishop Lefebvre?

A good article (forgive the google translation!) from Syllabus website ( on the Muller/Fellay fiasco.
Not to think that Msgr. Fellay has bad intentions, we say simply that seems to be a man driven by emotions, impressions, "what people say" ultimately illusion. See, what he said just four months ago (sermon here ):
" And there 's also something very interesting. Since, we can say two years and something, there is a very important not at all change, but in the Congregation of faith . This congregation of faith is with which we speak. And  now tell us "You are not obliged to accept religious freedom, ecumenism, the New Mass; you can maintain your position because these points the council are not so important that whoever rejects not be Catholic. You may not agree with the council and remain Catholic. " This is very important, so far you have always said "you need to accept everything." And in recent years, in the discussions we have had with the bishops sent by Rome, they have told us "these questions are open questions".

You should ask: why have they changed? I give my opinion: I think the reason for this change in attitude comes from the seriousness of the current situation of the Church. It is a contrast. So  we are treated in a better way because the Church is wrong . See bad things in the Church. And they are forced to recognize what we do and do not like them, but that is not the same level as what we stand for us is Catholic.
For example,  the last time I met Cardinal Müller, who is the Prefect of the Commission on Faith, told me "we-commission of faith we hope you enter the Church- and we are of the Church - we are waiting for us to help us fight the modernists ".  They are very upset with all the heresies that happen now look at us as an aid to combat these heresies ". 
The Muller letter...
Ten days ago, the news (was known Source ):
Two events marked the beginning of summer in Rome: a letter from Cardinal Gerhard Müller to Monsignor Bernard Fellay and his replacement as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) by Archbishop Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer.

On June 26, 2017, Müller again imposed the Doctrinal Statement 2012
On June 26, 2017, Monsignor Bernard Fellay, superior general of the SSPX, he received a letter from Cardinal Gerhard Müller, Prefect of the  Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith , dated January 6, this year, in which the German prelate - with the approval of Pope Francisco - spelled out the conditions for a doctrinal statement, an indispensable prerequisite for any kind of canonical recognition of the Fraternity. The conditions are three:
" 1)  it is necessary to require FSSPX members adhere to the new formula  Professio fidei  1988. It is therefore no longer sufficient to pronounce the  Professio fidei  1962.
2)  The new text of the Doctrinal Declaration should include a paragraph in which the signatories explicitly declare their acceptance of the teachings of the Second Vatican Council and those of the post-conciliar period by giving these doctrinal statements the degree of adherence to them it is due.
3)  The members of the SSPX must not only recognize the validity, but also the legitimacy of the rite of Holy Mass and the sacraments, according to the liturgical books promulgated after the Second Vatican Council. "
On June 30, Bishop Fellay sent this letter to all the priests of the Fraternity, with the remark: "We are again in a similar situation in 2012. Although Monsignor Pozzo, Secretary of the  Commission  Ecclesia Dei , employed a very different language last March compared to the criterion of catholicity that we would be required. "
Later, he recalled his statement given at the end of the meeting with the major superiors of the Fraternity in Anzère, Switzerland, on June 28, 2016:
The Priestly Society of Saint Pius X does not seek above all canonical recognition, you are entitled because he is Catholic. The solution is not simply legal. Depends on a doctrinal issue that is essential to express ... Divine Providence does not abandon his Church, which the Pope - Vicar of Christ - is your head. That is why an unquestionable sign of this restoration is the express wish of the Supreme Pontiff to grant the means with which to restore order priesthood, faith and tradition, which is also the guarantee of the necessary unity of the family Tradition. 
This letter from Cardinal Müller is no surprise to those who have closely followed the complicated relations between the fraternity and Rome. From October 8, 2016, during a given Port-Marly, France conference, Bishop Fellay emphasized the contradiction between comments made by Cardinal Müller and Monsignor Pozzo:
Suddenly they tell us that the content of the Council is not dogmatic, in other words, none of the statements is required to be Catholic, according to Monsignor Pozzo. What signifca this? 'They are not obliged to agree to be Catholic .'... In fact, Monsignor Pozzo gave several interviews about it. I made mention of April (La Croix, April 7 2016), then came the interviews July (Zenit, July 4 Christ und Welt 2016, July, 28, 2016). Between these two dates in June, his superior, Cardinal Müller said otherwise (Herder Korrespondenz, June, 2016) ... The Cardinal Müller pressed the issue, saying, 'No, the Brotherhood must accept the Council! ' He even spoke on accession unrestricted ecumenism. But not only that ... talk about the liturgy, on religious freedom. And then in July, his subordinate repeats otherwise. What confusion! Who should we believe? 

According to these latest statements quoted Msgr. Fellay, confused, does not know who to believe. Why do not you try to believe Msgr. Lefebvre, who said to remain Catholic one had to be separated from the Conciliar Church?

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Friday, 30 June 2017


A good translation of an original article from Non-Possumus. The writings of the Dominicans of Avrille and Msgr. Tissier de Mallerais clear up this difficult subject and it is worth perservering and studying.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Beyond Caricature

The SSPX rewrite history in support of a deal with the blessing of Menzingen.  Anyone out there still deny the SSPX want a deal? Anyone... anyone?

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Conference by Bishop Williamson

A conference given by His Excellency Bishop Williamson in April 2017 at St. Joseph Defender of the Church chapel in Aldergrove Canada.  He was invited there by Father Girouard. The attached documents were given to the parishioners and these notes were referred to by +W frequently. Therefore, in order to get the most out of the conference, please read the documents carefully and refer to them while watching.
Part 1 

Part 2


Many thanks to the kind parishoners of St Joseph's chapel for sharing this. God bless you.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Photos from the Consecration of Bishop Zendejas

Nice selection of photgraphs from the Consecration and the Pontifical Mass.
Many thanks to the photographer for making these available.

Latest Miles Christi

Thursday, 11 May 2017

The stuff of nightmares

A hilarious skit on the SSPX marriage farce by the Remnant newspaper!

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Seven signatories have been relieved of their positions!

More incredible news in France..

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

French SSPX at war! Reply to the seven Deans

The District Superior, Father Christian BOUCHACOURT  responds to the 7 French SSPX Priors:

 + May 7, 2017
  To all the priests of the district of France

 Subject: Marriage FSSPX.

 Dear Colleagues,

 This morning you had to receive or read on the internet a statement signed by seven priors and the superiors of the Capuchins, Benedictines and Fathers of Mérigny.

 I totally and firmly condemn and reject the subversive manner in which this statement has been spread.  Prepared in secret, among selected brethren, in order to surprise, to destabilize and to put the superiors before the fact already consummated, this one takes to the faithful like hostages and constitutes them judges of the priests and superiors.

 The authors of this statement want to precipitate, as the only just and possible, their interpretation of the letter of Cardinal Müller on our marriages.  Persuaded that they are right, they were not prudent to submit their text to their superiors.  They regard their appreciation as the only true one, which must be imposed by all means, even the least legitimate.

 God can not bless such an initiative whose deadly fruits are manifested from now on: internal quarrels and additional divisions within and between our communities.  The faithful are the first to suffer it.  How can vocations germinate and develop in a religious family that is torn apart?

 It is up to each of us to confront this new test that runs through our district, rejecting   All cooperation to the diffusion of this comment, to have it for nothing and despise it as insignificant and good thing to be discarded.

 For some days, I asked the brethren theologians to prepare a text giving the clarifications on the letter of Cardinal Müller.  Having received the endorsement of the General House, I hereby inform you with the present.. (To follow)  I entrust to your prayers, dear Brotherhoods, our district that must face a new storm that arose unfortunately in our ranks.  May Our Lord and Our Lady help us to rediscover our unity in truth and charity for the good of our souls and that of the faithful who are entrusted to us.

 Father Christian BOUCHACOURT

Monday, 8 May 2017

Letter from the French superiors

There are rumours circulating that Rome may renege on a deal with the SSPX due to the belief that Menzingen have failed to convince its french clerics and laymen. Who knows if this is true? We will have to see. The letter below I think sums up the mindset of the majority of senior french Priests. How sad that other Priests did not stand up and say NO before things got so far.. Should a deal be made, which way will these Priests go?

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Fr. PHILIPPE FRANÇOIS, SSPX, speaks out against a deal

We present to you the transcript of the sermon given by Fr Philippe François, at the feast of Easter 2017, on April 16, at the Monastery of Trévoux.  The Father exercises the function of chaplain of the Little Sisters of St Francis. (Apologies for google translate errors)

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Monday, 17 April 2017

The pacifistic lie of the modernists, by Rev Fr Michel

Recently I was reminded of the announcement that the new, 're-branded' Angelus magazine would "avoid polemics" The following reminds us of its importance.

Rev Fr Michel was an educator of children in a large Catholic college in Beziers, France. Unable to bear the ravages caused by the second Vatican Council, he was forced, to his great chagrin, to leave his Congregation in order to be able to continue saying the Mass of all time. 
In 1978, broken by sadness, death took him on the very grave of his parents, where he stopped on his way to Fanjeaux after having accepted to be the chaplain of the Dominican Teaching Sisters founded by Mother Ann Maries Simoulin, R.I.P

"They have been so polite, so "respectful of style", that they ended up imposing their "content ", in other words, their errors. Which is better? To respect content or to respect style? Or, to put it bluntly, is it better to insult a "merchant of error or lies" or politely say to him that "one makes reservations on one's merchandise"?
A polite answer may not convince those who hear it and may leave the erroneous merchant to his customers. An insult can "open the eyes" of some uninformed ... And when we say insult, we do not say "rudeness" but "invectives", of the kind that Jesus used in his public life. When Jesus treats the Pharisees as "whitened sepulchres," he certainly insults them more than if we were to call them todays scoundrels or "bastards." In doing so, perhaps he wished to set an example to follow ... No doubt he wanted to recall with some force what we would one day tend to forget: that content comes before style, that the exterior respect of persons must not pass before the superior respect of the Truth which is the supreme respect of all persons, including that of the Incarnate Word who one day took the trouble of dying in order to bring us the Truth .
And what about "polemics"? ...
They are no longer welcome. That's well known.  For years now we claim to have banished them from our speeches, our exchanges, our religious journals, our sermons, our teaching. A more spiritual, more elaborate form of "pacifism". " No polemics " ...
But woe is he who dares to think (expressing it in words) other than we do..  You can express (so they say) a different opinion than ours, but "no polemics". You can try (they say) to demonstrate that you are right and we are wrong...but ... no polemics.
But what are polemics anyway?
Nobody wants to say it. No one (perhaps) knows anything about it. What they do know, or what they mean, is that there must be none. And this is very convenient , because it will allow, for a long time, to be able to kill without receiving blows ... To be able to smother the souls under the error without hearing the scream of their victims . We have been told, "No polemics." Defend yourself, but do not strike, but do not shout, but do not move. And especially no weapons at home. "No polemics".
And to think that, after truth itself, there is nothing more beautiful in the world than polemics. This spiritual struggle against error and falsehood with the only weapons of the spirit but the gift of all its being ... "Fight for the Truth, with all its soul."
Jesus incarnated to inaugurate the Christian "polemic" against the world and against Satan. Saint Paul first patron of the polemicists: " Argue, obsecra, increpa " (reprove, entreat, rebuke). "I fought the good fight."
But polemics divides souls!
No, sir, it is not the fight that divides. If we were not already divided, we would not fight. And when one is divided, it remains only to fight ... Or to pretend to be in agreement ... Even to be hit from behind at the first opportunity ... and "without polemics"!
In the end the polemic is ultimately the only way to know where the division is, between who and why. And the frank, open struggle is much better than subversion .
There are those today who cry after peace and against war, and who will not cease to have set up against each other all the inhabitants of the planet. They do not want war but revolution. They do not want us to fight for ideas, but only to suppress all those who still oppose their ideology (so timidly) ... Let us flatten everything; but let there be no war.
And the good souls, the people who have been taught to respect "style", parrot, one louder than the next: let there be no war... Until they die of it, they and their children.
Rev Fr Michel , priest of the Congregation of the Sacred Heart
Sources : LAB of the Saint-Bernard de Bailly School of October 2014 / Le Sainte Anne n ° 191 of September 2007
Rev Fr Michel Profession of Faith - 
 " Since my baptism on January 2, 1921, I have always been a submissive son of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, and I want to die as I lived, in the unchanged faith of my parents, whom I have always believed and professed , In words and deeds.
I make a particular profession of loyal and entire obedience to the Sovereign Pontiff , in the exercise of his infallible Magisterium, and in the unconditional fidelity to the Tradition, which he has been given to preserve, defend, explain and transmit .
Consequently , I reject and consider null all the reforms and novelties stemming from the spirit of the world, infiltrated in the Church, from some artifice of right that they cover themselves with whatever authority they claim .
I want to die in the faith of Nicea, in the Communion of all the Holy Pontiffs, martyrs and confessors, who have professed it to this day, in the practice of the seven sacraments, as it was definitely fixed by the Canons of the Council of Trent.
Notably with regard to the Holy Mass , which I wish to celebrate, as long as it pleases God, in the Millennial Rite of the Gregorian and Latin Tradition, definitively canonized by Saint Pius V.
I reject all falsehoods, hypocrisies, accomodations, alterations and subterfuges of texts and of Law, the omissions and falsifications of Holy Scripture, and all the impostures and abuses of power which have been pretended to be imposed on priests and Name of "post-conciliar orientations"
All that is left for me to do is to turn to the Lord Jesus, who will rise one day to judge the world; To entrust to him that soul which he has made in his image, and redone in the Precious Blood which flows every morning from my priestly chalice ; To implore, once again, his mercy for my "innumerable sins and negligences."
Sustained and strengthened by the maternal protection of her who kept my childish heart, and never permitted it to be to another. Amen"
Jacques MICHEL, SCJ, this 29 July 1977

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Rome and SSPX Marriages

When many members of the laity walked away from the SSPX around 2012 to support Resistant Priests, those they left behind ( both lay and Cleric) argued that this was an ‘overreaction’.  They argued that there was to be no deal. They argued that we were ‘jumping the gun’ and that should a deal ever happen then they (layman and Priest alike) would also walk away from the SSPX
Those that argue that they would never be softened by the ‘New-sspx’ should ask themselves after reading the links below– “Do I still hold that position?” If the SSPX signed a deal tomorrow with modernist Rome would I still leave to build an alternative to this new 'Ecclesia Dei SSPX-Lite'?
Read the following and ask yourself “Have my views been softened since 2012 and if I have the courage to make a stand?”

Original SSPX article here-

Interesting article in reaction here -